Red Velvet Truffles

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Here are about FLAVOR VARIATIONS y'all tin dismiss try:
For birthday truffles, piece of occupation funfetti cake mix.
For Christmas truffles, piece of occupation gingerbread or spice cake mix.
For Chocolate truffles, piece of occupation chocolate cake mix.
For vanilla truffles, piece of occupation xanthous or white cake mix.

Here are about TIPS for making these slow ruby velvet truffles:
Use FULL-FAT  cream cheese because it leads to a richer texture as well as flavor.
CHILL the dough inwards the refrigerator for xxx minutes if the dough is SOFT as well as hard to shape into balls.
If the mixture is CRUMBLY, add together milk (a piffling at a time), until it is slow to scroll into balls.
Prior to dipping these truffles inwards melted chocolate, CHILL them inwards the freezer for nearly xxx minutes thence they are theatre as well as don’t autumn apart.
Make certain to MIX together the ingredients properly thence in that place are no lumps as well as the mixture is a smoothen dough.
•You tin dismiss ROLL these truffles inwards melted chocolate (white, semisweet or dark) or fifty-fifty comprehend them inwards sprinkles, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, mini chocolate chips or chocolate shavings.
You tin dismiss also elbow grease diverse ADD-INS similar mini chocolate chips or chopped pecans or pistachios.
If y'all own got leftover ruby velvet cake, y'all tin dismiss brand truffles made amongst cake crumbs as well as about frosting.
If y'all own got extra time, y'all tin dismiss brand no bake ruby velvet truffles from scratch but my cake mix truffles are thence much easier as well as merely equally tasty.
I used merely cream cheese inwards this recipe but instead of that, y'all tin dismiss also brand ruby velvet truffles amongst cream cheese frosting or ruby velvet cake pops amongst cream cheese frosting past times using my best no neglect best cream cheese frosting recipe.
While the risks associated amongst RAW flour as well as raw cake mix are LOW, y'all tin dismiss accept extra precaution past times spreading the flour or cake mix pulverization on a cookie tray as well as baking for v minutes at 350° F.

1 box Red velvet cake mix
1 loving cup Powdered sugar
8 oz Cream cheese Full fat
1/4 loving cup Milk As needed
1 loving cup Add-ins E.g. granulated sugar, powdered sugar, sprinkles, chopped nuts, shredded coconut
1 loving cup Chocolate Melted, For dipping, Optional

In a large mixing bowl, add together cake mix powder, powdered sugar, as well as mix until y'all own got a ball of dough.

Tip: If dough is equally good crumbly, add together a piffling milk to become inwards easier to handle.

Scoop out small-scale portions of the dough as well as shape piffling balls.

Roll them inwards powdered carbohydrate or granulated carbohydrate OR dip them inwards melted chocolate. Enjoy!

Read all my tips above.
The release of truffles y'all become from this recipe volition depend on how large or small-scale y'all scroll your balls.
Leftover truffles tin dismiss hold out stored inwards the refrigerator for three days inwards a sealed container.

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