Rocky Route Cake

Hi friends! Are y'all a fan of ROCKY ROAD? The candy, the H2O ice cream…if it has chocolate, marshmallows together with nuts y'all tin sign me up! Well today we’re sharing an slow together with amazingly delicious Rocky Road Cake amongst y'all that nosotros whipped upward amongst Pillsbury’s novel Purely Simple

cake mix!
Pillsbury Purely Simple ups your baking game past times making it together with thus real slow to brand a cake using a mix that contains NO colors, preservatives, or artificial flavors, for a homemade sense of savor that’s exactly scrumptious. We headed downward to our local Kroger shop to essay them out!

1 Pillsbury Purely Simple Chocolate Cake mix
iii cups miniature marshmallows
1 loving cup chopped pecans
½ loving cup butter or margarine
⅓ loving cup milk
iii heaping tablespoons cocoa
1 bundle powdered carbohydrate (16-ounce)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Prepare Pillsbury Purely Simple Chocolate cake mix every bit directed on package, pour into 9x13 inch pan together with bake.
When cake is done, sprinkle amongst miniature marshmallows together with nuts.
Put dorsum inward oven, together with bake until marshmallows commence to melt.
Remove from oven together with allow cool.
In a heavy sauce pan, over medium heat, convey butter, milk, together with cocoa to a boil, stirring until butter melts.
Remove from heat; vanquish inward powdered carbohydrate together with vanilla.
Pour frosting evenly over cake inward pan.
Serve warm.

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