St. Patrick’S Twenty-Four Hr Menstruum Process Leprechaun Hat

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A few years agone when my boy was younger, he came abode from schoolhouse cry for if nosotros could ready a Leprechaun trap. I had no sentiment what he was talking most but subsequently some google searching together with pinterest surfing, nosotros did it. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Leprechaun trap was a mutual matter the Elementary teachers did amongst their students. There’s fifty-fifty a majority most it: How to Catch a Leprechaun!

I exercise non know when this Leprechaun hunting became a thing, but rumor has it if you lot grab a niggling Leprechaun, he volition Pb you lot to his pot of gold! If you’re non ambitious plenty to brand a fun, creative trap, campaign making these Yummy St. Patrick’s Day Treat Leprechaun Hat Snacks. Maybe a niggling Leprechaun volition come upward along together with intend it’s his together with learn trapped underneath, who knows?

How to brand St. Patrick’s Day Treat Leprechaun Hat Snacks:


Green Snack Packs
Green Card Stock
Black Felt
Metallic Gold Pipe Cleaners
Felt Shamrock Stickers
Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun
Small 4″ Bowl


Trace your bowl onto your greenish bill of fare stock together with cutting out amongst scissors.
Trace a 1″ circle onto the centre of your greenish circle, cutting a describe of piece of job to the middle circle (from the outside, to the center), together with cutting the middle circle out.
Turn your greenish Snack Pack upside down, twine a greenish circle some the bottom, together with secure amongst gum but inwards a higher house the lip of the cup.
This St. Patrick's Day Treat Leprechaun Hat is the perfect luck of the Irish Gaelic snack .

Cut a 1/2″ broad slice of felt, twine it some the bottom of your snack pack correct inwards a higher house the greenish bottom, together with secure amongst glue.
Cut your pipage cleaner into 2.5″ slice together with shape each slice into a square, together with carefully gum it on hand of the dark felt to exercise the buckle of the hat.
Hot gum a shamrock sticker onto the front end side of the chapeau to consummate your Leprechaun hats.
Do you lot convey a tradition at your menage of trying to pick out grip of a Leprechaun? Tell us most it below inwards the comment section!

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