Strawberry Oreo Bonbons

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The start fourth dimension I had about Oreo BonBons I close died as well as went to heaven.  Something close the flavors of the Oreos as well as the cream cheese as well as the almond bark…they larn perfectly together.  I’ve made them almost every twelvemonth since I start had i xx years or hence ago.

But concluding year, I was feeling creative. I wanted something novel as well as dissimilar as well as I was craving chocolate covered strawberries. Then it hitting me!  Strawberry Oreo BonBons!  I intend I’m onto something hither because they convey been requested hence many times yesteryear my solid unit of measurement as well as friends that I but continue making them! Y’all, they are but equally slowly to brand equally the master copy alongside no extra ingredients!  Shocker!


  • 1 handbag Oreo Cookies
  • 1 8 oz container strawberry cream cheese (not whipped), softened
  • 1 packet almond bark chocolate
  • 1/2 loving cup cerise candy melts

Crumb Oreo Cookies inwards nutrient processor. Pour crumbs inwards large bowl. Beat inwards piffling chunks of the softened cream cheese until mixture resembles a thick paste. Add a splash of milk or heavy cream if needed.

Use a pocket-size (size 60) cookie scoop to scoop out mixture onto a pan lined alongside parchment newspaper (or whorl into 1 inch sized balls).  Place inwards freezer for thirty minutes.

Melt almond bark. Dip mutual frigidity balls into melted chocolate as well as furnish to parchment paper. Heat cerise candy melts as well as drizzle over the balls.  Place inwards the fridge for close 1 threescore minutes to cool as well as harden as well as and hence enjoy.  Store inwards an airtight container inwards the refrigerator.
yesteryear Wendy O'Neal

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