Chinese Egg Cake—Old Means Baked Version

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Growing up, I dear to scream back the nutrient inward my childhood from fourth dimension to time. At the rattling beginning, this Chinese egg cake is steamed other than baked. Then at sometime, baked version was on most every store. Compared alongside steamed version, I prefer baked version because I tin nonetheless gustatory modality the raw egg gustatory modality fifty-fifty afterward adding lemon zest inward the batter.After made this successfully roughly 2 weeks ago, I brand this niggling egg cake at to the lowest degree twice every weekend for a quick breakfast.

There are many slow in addition to quite yummy cakes during my childhood. This ane is made alongside egg in addition to flour in addition to nosotros receive got some other ane made alongside yeast in addition to rice flour, depository fiscal establishment tally that recipe here-Chinese steamed  rice cake(sometimes is also known equally carbohydrate cake)


  • 2 middle size eggs (room temperature eggs)
  • 60g cake flour (1/2 USA cup)
  • 40g castor carbohydrate (around three tablespoons+1 teaspoon)
  • 5g crude oil (olive crude oil or other vegetable crude oil roughly ¾ teaspoon)
  • warm H2O (for speeding upwardly the whipping process, non required inward summertime days.)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C roughly 350F.
  2. Prepare a larger container in addition to add together one-half total warm water, in addition to hence house your mixing bowl on the warm water. Add eggs in addition to castor sugar. Whip at medium speed until low-cal in addition to fluffy. And in addition to hence role depression speed to take away some large bubbles. This stride is the substitution of success in addition to may accept 12- xv minutes until the mixture accomplish the ribbon stage.
  3. Shift flour in. Then role a spatula to combine well. And lastly add together crude oil in addition to good combined too.
  4. Prepare a mini 12 newspaper lined muffin tin mold in addition to pour the batter in.
  5. Bake at the middle rack for xv to twenty minutes until the surface is good colored.
  6. Notes
  7. The muffin tin I am using is roughly 50*15mm for each cupcake.

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