Blood Orangish In Addition To Raspberry Mojito Recipe

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Hey guys! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It felt besides brusk for me! I’m non happy amongst losing an lx minutes but this means I’ll cause got to a greater extent than daylight to cause got my weblog photos. Did I tell “mojito”? Oh, yeah, I get-go idea to brand margaritas amongst the blood oranges I got, but I couldn’t assistance myself too made these mojitos. You know mojito is my favorite cocktail. So I created some other flovor – Blood Orange And Raspberry Mojito.

I’m pretty certain that close of my non-US readers are aware that March eighth was International Woman’s Day. I had a fun instruct together amongst some of my girlfriends too made these blood orangish too raspberry mojitos for them. They were thrilled!

Here inwards the U.S. nosotros celebrate Mother’s Day instead. You tin even thence brand this drinkable for Mother’s Day, if y'all are lucky to detect some blood oranges.

Luckily they are even thence inwards flavour too I only can’t instruct plenty of them. They are my favorite citrus too thence is grapefruit! I beloved San Pellegrino’s Blood Orange Soda, but nosotros don’t purchase sweetness sodas really oft roughly here. We prefer fresh juice.

In this cocktail, I used fresh squeezed blood orangish juice, juice from mashed raspberries, some unproblematic syrup, rum too sparkling H2O (soda water). Very quick too slowly to make, festive too refreshing.

Hope y'all similar it.

If you’ve enjoyed my blood orangish recipes lately, y'all mightiness hold out excited to listen that I’m putting together a blood orangish recipe roundup from my favorite bloggers on the spider web too I’ll portion it amongst y'all really soon.

Blood Orange And Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Prep Time
v mins
Total Time
v mins

Blood Orange And Raspberry Mojito Recipe - tartly sweet, unproblematic to brand cocktail, that tastes delicious.

Course  : Drinks
Cuisine : American
Servings: 1
Calories: 293 kcal
Author  : Lyubomira from CookingLSL

v mint leaves
ii oz rum
ii oz unproblematic syrup
juice from one blood orange
juice from 1/2 lime
juice from 1/4 loving cup fresh raspberries (mash raspberries too strain to withdraw the seeds)
sparkling water

1.In a tall drinking glass house mint leaves too rum. Muddle for a minute, but don't pause leaves. Remove or operate out the mint leaves inwards the glass.
2.Add H2O ice to create sum the glass.
3.Add unproblematic syrup, blood orangish juice, lime juice too raspberry juice. Stir.
4.Top amongst sparkling water.

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