Buckeye Balls (Peanut Butter Balls)

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Rich in addition to creamy peanut butter balls are dipped inward chocolate in addition to decorated amongst festive sprinkles for a no bake process that’s perfect for a particular occasion. These buckeye balls brand a nifty gift in addition to are ever a welcome add-on to whatever vacation dessert table.

This recipe for buckeye balls is the classic peanut butter balls dipped inward nighttime or white chocolate.

The holidays are hither in addition to nosotros are busy decorating, crafting in addition to creating delicious treats! Our lights are upward in addition to I’ve made quite a few batches of these amazing peanut butter buckeye balls to give out to solid unit of measurement in addition to friends. These chocolate covered peanut butter balls are a classic vacation process that I brand every year. They’re a nifty projection to practise amongst the kids, my kids telephone band it “peanut butter play doh” which is genuinely pretty accurate!

All you lot necessitate for these tardily peanut butter balls are a handful of ingredients that you lot in all probability already convey at home, similar peanut butter, powered saccharide in addition to butter. After the ingredients are initially mixed together, you’ll desire to knead the peanut butter mixture amongst your hands to larn all the powdered saccharide incorporated hence that you lot tin sack cast the peanut butter balls.

I typically purpose a touchstone spoon to part out my peanut butter “dough” hence that all of the balls are the same size.

The traditional agency to practise buckeye balls is to dip them inward semisweet chocolate. I decided to mix things upward a bit, in addition to dipped one-half my balls inward semisweet chocolate in addition to the other one-half inward white chocolate in addition to vacation sprinkles. You tin sack either purpose chocolate chips amongst shortening, or merely purpose candy melts, no shortening needed!

You tin sack purpose whatever type of sprinkles you lot like, it’s fun to switch out the sprinkle colors to check whatever occasion you’re celebrating. Or you lot tin sack exit off the sprinkles altogether, at that spot are hence many ways to decorate buckeye balls!

Peanut butter balls are a classic process that never goes out of agency – I convey been eating them equally long equally I tin sack remember! There’s exactly something amazing virtually the peanut butter chocolate combo, in addition to I urge you lot to displace these amongst the white chocolate too, you lot won’t regret it.

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This recipe for buckeye balls is the classic peanut butter balls dipped inward nighttime or white chocolate. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 vacation process that's both tardily in addition to unloose energy efficient to make!


This recipe for buckeye balls is the classic peanut butter balls dipped inward nighttime or white chocolate.

Course     Dessert
Prep Time  1 hour
Cook Time  ii minutes
Total Time 1 hr ii minutes
Servings   20 buckeye balls
Calories   212 kcal
Author     Dinner at the Zoo

1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
1/2 loving cup butter at room temperature
three 1/2 cups powdered saccharide sifted
8 ounces chocolate chips or candy melts/almond bark tin sack live on nighttime chocolate, white chocolate or both
1 tablespoon vegetable shortening
optional: 1/2 loving cup vacation sprinkles

1.Place the peanut butter, butter in addition to powdered saccharide inward a large bowl. Mix until the ingredients are incorporated, in addition to hence knead amongst your hands until a polish dough forms.
2.Shape the dough into tablespoon sized balls in addition to identify on a canvas pan that's been lined amongst parchment paper.
3.Refrigerate the peanut butter balls for at to the lowest degree thirty minutes.
4.Place the chocolate chips in addition to shortening inward a medium bowl. If using ii types of chocolate, identify four ounces of each chocolate amongst 1 tablespoon shortening into ii bowls.
5.Microwave the chocolate inward thirty 2nd intervals or until melted. Stir until polish in addition to thoroughly combined.
6.Remove the buckeye balls from the fridge. Use a toothpick to pick upward each ball in addition to and dip it into the melted chocolate. Quickly curl the ball inward sprinkles if using (optional). Repeat amongst each ball. Use your finger to polish over the exceed of each ball to take away the grade from the toothpick.
7.Refrigerate for thirty minutes or until set, in addition to hence serve.

source: https://www.dinneratthezoo.com/buckeye-balls-peanut-butter-balls/

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