Easter Muddied Buddies

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These Easter Muddy Buddies are perfect for an Easter snack or Easter dessert – this recipe volition speedily operate 1 of your favourite puppy chow recipes!

 Muddy Buddies (or Puppy Chow) are 1 of my favourite lilliputian treats.  There is only something near the satisfying mash paired amongst the chocolate together with peanut butter.  These Easter Muddy Buddies stimulate got the classic a fleck farther amongst pretty pastel colours together with candy coated milk chocolate eggs throughout.  Absolutely delicious for a snack or dessert together with perfectly seasonal.


9 Cups Chex Cereal
1/2 loving cup white chocolate chips
1/4 loving cup peanut butter
ii tablespoons butter
1/3 loving cup powdered sugar
1 Cup Wilton Yellow Candy Melts
1 Cup Wilton Pink Candy Melts
1 Cup Mini Chocolate Eggs


Place 3 Cups cereal inwards 3 split upward medium sized bowls together with fix aside.

In a modest microwavable bowl, microwave chocolate chips, peanut butter together with butter uncovered on High for 1 infinitesimal together with and then stir until melted together with smooth.

Pour peanut butter mixture over 1 of the bowls of cereal together with stir until evenly coated.

Place the cereal mixture inwards a seal-able nutrient storage bag  together with add together the powdered sugar.

Shake the handbag until good coated together with then spread the cereal out on a baking canvas together with permit to cool for xv minutes.

Melt the Candy Melts inwards split upward bowls until polish together with then pour over a bowl of cereal each together with stir until evenly coated. Spread the cereal straight out onto split upward baking sheets together with permit to cool for xv minutes.

In serving bowl, mix the 3 cereal mixtures along amongst the chocolate eggs.

Store the dingy buddies inwards an airtight container.

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