Frosty Orangish Margaritas

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Frosty Orange Margaritas – H5N1 sugariness modify upward to traditional margaritas!  These orangish margaritas are super quick as well as tardily to make, perfectly sugariness amongst fresh orangish juice, as well as amazingly refreshing.

Ok, ok, I know it’s solely Midweek – BUT it is Cinco de mayo week, as well as thence that agency nosotros tin convey margaritas whenever nosotros darn good please, right?!

What’s your go-to flavour for Margaritas?  When I larn to a restaurant, I tend to stick amongst lime, on the rocks, extra common salt on the rim.

When I’m non at abode it seems similar the frozen margaritas are close also frozen as well as I larn encephalon freeze a bajillion times earlier I larn through the thing!

Plus, eating seat mode frozen margaritas are a tad also sugariness for my taste.

But, at abode I wish to mix it upward – I tin command how “frozen” my marg is as well as the marking of sweetness.

Because I larn to command the marking of frozen for these babies – I similar to telephone cry upward them “FROSTY” margaritas.

I purpose only plenty H2O ice that it gives me a nicely chilled beverage, but it isn’t ridiculously icy as well as thick.

If yous similar your margaritas actually frozen, only popular to a greater extent than H2O ice in!

These tin also easily live on stirred or shaken together as well as served over ice, if that’s yo thang.

So, I honey a expert margarita as well as I definitely prefer citrus – why non modify it upward as well as larn amongst orange?

I’m glad I did because it’s quite honestly the most refreshing margarita I’ve always had inwards my life.

These volition live on next me some all summertime long, guaranteed!

This recipe is also super simple, which I love.  I’m non into complicated cocktails, guys!

Only a handful of ingredients here, blend it all up, as well as enjoy!

I similar common salt on the rim of my glass, but this is only every bit tasty amongst sugar.

The amounts that yous run across inwards the printable recipe makes ii margaritas.

So, evidently I propose doubling the batch – you’ll definitely wish to a greater extent than than 1 of these, trust me!

Frosty Orange Margaritas

Servings: 2 Cocktails
Author  : Nichole


iv Ounces Tequila, About 3 shots
3 Ounces Triple Sec, or other orangish liqueur About ii shots
1 1/2 Cups Fresh Orange Juice
1/4 Cup Lime Juice
2-3 Cups Ice
Coarse common salt or saccharide for rim of glass, Optional


1.Combine all ingredients, except for salt/sugar inwards a blender as well as procedure until H2O ice is completely crushed as well as smooth.

2.Serve inwards common salt or saccharide rimmed spectacles amongst extra lime as well as orangish slices if desired.

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