Frozen Mango Margarita

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Mango, fresh squeezed orangish too lime juice, tequila too triple s are combined inwards this deliciously low-cal & refreshing Frozen Mango Margarita Recipe!

On Friday, I hosted my terminal segment on CW6 San Diego. Unfortunately the station unopen afterwards over sixty years on the air. For the terminal 4 years, I’ve hosted dozens too dozens of segments on CW6 too loved every 1 of them!

Hosting a segment on their terminal 24-hour interval on air meant the basis to me too I couldn’t recall of a ameliorate means to post them off than alongside a deliciously refreshing Mango Margarita!

Over the years, we’ve drank mimosas, Moscow mules too martinis together on the show, too thence I exclusively constitute it plumbing fixtures that our terminal segment together would include a cocktail!

The sentiment for this gulp truly came from my favorite smoothie recipe. Of course, 1 infinitesimal you’re beingness all salubrious drinking a smoothie, the adjacent you’re dreaming upward boozy cocktail recipes! 😉

For me, I ever love the sentiment of a frozen cocktail, but 1 time I social club one, I’m over it straight off because it’s similar whoa sweetness!

I love this frozen mango margarita recipe because it’s made alongside simply existent fruit too booze, alongside the choice of adding agave syrup or dearest for a piffling sweetness. No mixers or heavy syrups needed to whip upward this refreshing cocktail!

Frozen Mango Margarita

Total Time: v minutes

Yield     : ii (10 oz) margaritas


10 oz handbag frozen diced mango
½ loving cup tequila
¼ loving cup orangish liqueur
½ loving cup orangish juice
¼ loving cup lime juice
ii cups H2O ice cubes
ii tbsp agave syrup or dearest (optional sweetener)


1.Add all ingredients to a blender too puree until smooth.

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