Granola Together With Fruit Parfait

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Looking for a delicious, creamy fruit dessert? Look no further! I’ve got y'all covered amongst this epic yogurt as well as granola fruit parfait! These delicious as well as colorful dessert cups are made amongst evidently Greek yogurt, home-made raspberry sauce, tons of fresh fruit as well as crunchy granola! I brand my raspberry sauce amongst fresh raspberries as well as simply a comport on of saccharide for added sweetness. Nothing beats using fresh fruit as well as I honey to add together pineapple, huckleberry as well as nectarines to this fruit parfait. Feel gratis to switch upward the fruit according to what’s inwards season.

Make these cups to become as well as accept them to function for a low-cal breakfast or mid-day snack.  I honey to brand a few of these ahead of fourth dimension as well as proceed them inwards the refrigerate as well as then I tin induce got a quick as well as delicious snack when I require one. If you’re making these ahead of time, proceed the granola separate, or add together it on top as well as then that it doesn’t larn soggy from standing inwards fruit juice.

This parfait is seriously proficient lookin’! I would swallow 1 upward correct now!

four cups Greek yogurt
1 1/2 to ii cups fresh or frozen (thawed) raspberries; plus, additional for garnish
1/4 loving cup white granulated sugar
ii nectarines
ii cups fresh blueberries
1 to 1 1/2 cups granola
mint leaves for garnish

Place raspberries as well as saccharide into a pocket-size bowl. Mash the fruit together until a sauce forms; hold upward out about larger pieces intact.
Peel as well as die pineapple; die nectarines. Can role canned pineapple as well as canned peaches inwards this recipe, too. Mix the diced fruit amongst blueberry.
To brand parfait: spoon inwards Greek yogurt to encompass bottom of a cup/glass. Top amongst ii tablespoons of raspberry sauce, follow amongst mixed fruit as well as several tablespoons of granola. Repeat the same arrangement. Garnish the top amongst whole raspberries as well as mint leaves. Keep refrigerated.
Servings : 4
Course : Dessert
Recipe Type : Breakfast, Parfaits & Mousse, Snacks as well as Small Bites


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