How To Brand Jjajangmyun, Dark Edible Bean Noodles

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Before McDonald's landed inward Korea or Pizza Hut invaded amongst Bulgogi pizza to modify the sense of savor buds of Korean children from kimchi pancakes to pizza, in that place was a noodle dish called “Jjajangmyun (짜장면)“.

Jjajangmyun used to live on the all-time Korean kid’s favorite food. At to the lowest degree to me, it was. The dish was known every bit the exceptional process for the children when they had done something genuinely good, similar getting an H5N1 on their schoolhouse written report or finishing their pianoforte lesson to a certainly level. It is a nostalgic nutrient for every Korean higher upwardly 30+ years old.

I don’t retrieve my mom making these noodles at home. She never bothered to larn inward because it was easily, quickly, together with inexpensively accessible. Like a box of pizza that nosotros guild every bit a take-out these days, this Jjajangmyun was oftentimes delivered to everyone’s home.

Jjajangmyun is genuinely a Chinese noodle dish, made amongst dark edible bean glue inward the sauce. For some argue the dish has evolved a piffling differently inward Korea than it was inward China, together with it became real pop amid Koreans.

If you lot don’t receive got the Korean manner Chinese restaurants inward your area, you lot volition live on glad that you lot flora this recipe. It is quite slowly to make. You volition every bit good discovery the instructions on my blog, Beyond Kimchee, every bit well.

First you lot volition postulate some cubed pork (about 1/2″ inward size). Any pork cutting is okay-la.

Dice your vegetables, all inward cubed shapes. Cabbage, onion, potato, together with zucchini are my chosen ones.

Now, in that place are 2 types of dark edible bean base of operations sauce. One is inward powdered shape together with the other inward paste. My advice? Get the paste. Although the pulverization is easier to gear upwardly with, I flora the glue yields ameliorate taste.

You wish to fry the glue inward prior to brand sauce. That means it volition withdraw some bitterness of the dark edible bean paste. It looks similar there’s awful amounts of oil, but the sauce doesn’t soak upwardly much oil. Fry the glue amongst 1 tablespoon of saccharide for 3-4 minutes over the medium heat. As you lot see, the crude oil together with the glue don’t mingle together.

With a slotted spoon transfer the sauce to a bowl together with laid aside. Discard crude oil inward the pan except 1 tablespoonful to remain.

NOTE : You tin terminate discovery Korean dark edible bean pastes that receive got been pre-roasted inward most Korean stores these days. Using the pre-roasted glue volition eliminate this frying step. How nice!

Saute your pork until they are no longer shy inward pink.

Dump all your vegetables together with locomote on to saute 2-3 minutes.

Return your dark edible bean glue together with 1.5 loving cup of H2O to the pan. Add to a greater extent than H2O if you lot prefer thinner sauce.

I sometimes add together a piffling fleck oyster sauce to convey to a greater extent than flavor. Stir the sauce good to incorporate. Bring to boil first, thence simmer for 3-5 minutes or until they are tender.

Dissolve corn starch inward water.

And add together to the pot. Stir together with locomote on to cook, nearly 2-3 minutes. The sauce volition thicken.

Here it is, the beautifully thickened Jjajangmyun sauce!

Oh, exercise you lot experience the dark side of the force? I do.

Here are Jjajangmyun noodles. You volition discovery them inward a freezer department of Korean stores. Or you lot tin terminate run whatever thick wheat noodles, fifty-fifty spaghetti or fettuccine.

Add to the boiling H2O together with gear upwardly according to your parcel direction, nearly vi minutes.

Drain. I similar to rinse them amongst hot water. My gluten-loaded noodles are ready to receive got action.

Place these chewy noodles inward a large shallow bowl together with pour the sauce over. Mix similar crazy amongst your chopsticks....and eat.


You volition absolutely postulate some napkins, many actually. Nothing is grosser than seeing a grown-up amongst the *Jjajangmyun mustache* around his/her mouth. Imagine the “Got milk?” ads inward the 90’s?

I enjoyed watching a recent Korean drama called Punch. In many episodes in that place were scenes where the 2 psyche actors were eating Jjajangmyun together. I watched those episodes real belatedly at nighttime when I was slightly hungry. And allow me say was similar torture! Oh, the audio of slurping the noodles...!!!! 

It is non slowly to swallow this dark-forced noodles without making the slurping dissonance but, hey! that is life. People volition understand.

Hope you lot larn to sweat this recipe. It volition brand you lot together with your identify unit of measurement real happy.

Giving my Jjajangmyun dear to you... The recipe is below!

Jjajangmyun, the dark edible bean noodles
serves 4

Prep time: twenty mins

Cook time: twenty mins

Total time: xl mins


iv tablespoon dark edible bean glue (춘장, choonjang)
iv tablespoon vegetable oil
2 teaspoon sugar
½ lb pork, diced to ½" cubes
¼ cabbage, chopped
1 pocket-size onion, chopped
½ zucchini, diced to ½" cubes
1 pocket-size russet potato, diced ½" cubes
1 tablespoon oyster sauce, optional
1½ loving cup H2O or to a greater extent than if you lot wish thinner sauce
2 tablespoon corn starch mixed amongst iii tablespoon water
tabular array salt or soy sauce to flavor if needed
½ cucumber, julienne thinly for garnish

In a wok or skillet, oestrus crude oil over medium heat, add together the edible bean glue together with saccharide together with stir fry together for 3-4 minutes. The crude oil together with the glue won't larn mixed. Using a slotted spoon, scoop upwardly the glue to drain the crude oil together with transfer to a bowl. Set aside. If you lot are using pre-roasted paste, you lot tin terminate skip this step.
Discard the residuum of crude oil except 1 tablespoon remaining inward a skillet. Add the pork together with gear upwardly until no longer inward pink. Add cabbage, onion, zucchini, together with tater together with stir fry until somewhat soft.
Add the dark edible bean glue dorsum to the skillet together with mix. Add oyster sauce if your desire. Pour 1½ loving cup of H2O together with convey everything to boil, cut down the oestrus to simmer until everything is tender withal retain their shape, nearly 3-5 minutes. Season amongst tabular array salt or soy sauce if needed.
Mix corn starch amongst iii tablespoon H2O together with add together to the skillet. The sauce volition thicken inside minutes. Remove from the heat
Meanwhile convey a pot of H2O to boil. Add the noodles together with gear upwardly according to the parcel direction, commonly nearly 6-7 minutes.
Drain the noodles together with rinse ane time amongst hot H2O to withdraw excess starch.
Place noodles inward a large shallow private serving bowl together with pour the sauce over. Garnish amongst cucumber slices. Serve hot.


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