Korean Glutinous Chicken Recipe


This Korean Sticky Chicken Recipe is absolutely loaded alongside savory-sweet-heat! Honey together with Gochugaru create a peppery glaze that is out of this world. This may terminate upwardly existence your novel favorite Korean chicken recipe. Ready inward xv minutes from start to finish!


Sometimes cooking tin live such a breeze.

You know, similar on those occasions when everything exactly comes together from an ingredients, flavour together with timing perspective.

You pose a xx infinitesimal podcast on your phone, pour a drinking glass of vino together with everything exactly sorta flows. Before you lot know it, dinner is on the tabular array – together with grin faces are devouring the fruits of your slow labor.

Other times, unfortunately, getting dinner on the tabular array tin live to a greater extent than of a difficult fought slog.

I’m certain you’ll concur alongside me that there’s nil to a greater extent than disheartening after a long solar daytime at piece of job than to endeavour a so-called “easy” recipe you lot flora online – solely to respect that at that spot are a bunch of fourth dimension consuming prep steps to accomplish.

And that’s before you lot ever fifty-fifty instruct to the cooking part.

Umm… That ain’t easy!

Luckily, it turns out that today’s recipe totally belongs inward the ‘easy’ column!

I receive got 1 of the easiest together with flavour packed Korean chicken recipes of all time.

Yep, this Korean viscid chicken recipe is uncomplicated to make, but tastes anything but.

Loaded alongside savory together with sweetness estrus – together with ready inward less than xv minutes from start to complete – this may exactly terminate upwardly making steady appearances inward your weeknight dinner rotation!


Seriously, when it comes to slow chicken recipes, this is the pinnacle.

Not solely is dinner ready inward nether xv minutes, the outsized, deep flavors you lot instruct on the plate instruct inward seem similar you lot must receive got been working inward the kitchen for a loooong time.

Also, there’s no marinating necessary to instruct the bold flavors infused into the chicken!

Aside from the aggressive Korean spices used to create the towering, savory-sweet-heat, there’s a clandestine method to infusing a TON of flavour into the meat inward this uncomplicated chicken thorax recipe.

More on that after 🙂

But I’ll never forget the await on Ben’s human face upwardly the showtime fourth dimension he took a seize alongside teeth of this Korean viscid chicken.

I don’t desire to toot my ain horn, but that await said that he was definitely impressed alongside what he was tasting.

After he swallowed that showtime bite, he said, “Well, that’s magic.”

He also assumed it had taken me hours inward the kitchen. When I finished telling him the curt listing of steps, he waited a few beats every bit if at that spot would live more.

Then, he went on to tell me that – before nosotros met, when he would develop for himself – he used to brand super uncomplicated meals for himself. “But it was basically exactly materials that would proceed you lot alive. I never had the confidence to endeavour much inward the flavour department,” he said.

Furthermore, he said he wished he had known close this Korean chicken recipe dorsum inward the solar daytime when he was doing his… uh, survival cooking.

I took that every bit high praise indeed!

I receive got e'er loved Korean fried chicken!

Also known affectionately every bit KFC, Korean fried chicken tends to receive got the whole flavour game on wrap!

Usually running the gamut from savory to spicy to sweet, this magical aeroplane tends to live mega crispy because of the double fry.

You see, frying twice tin mail the crispiness of the pare together with flaky breading to heaven high levels of perfection.

However, every bit alongside my oven baked Korean chicken wings, I attempt to proceed the deep frying to a bare minimum inward my domicile kitchen for 2 basic reasons.

Deep frying renders delicious outcomes, but tends to live super unhealthy.
I’m (mildly) terrified of having huge pots filled alongside boiling stone oil inward my kitchen. One incorrect step, or a loose pot direct hold and… ugh. Cold shivers.
Therefore, making this Korean viscid chicken recipe was an endeavour at capturing the essence of Korean fried chicken’s flavour – patch keeping it super slow to develop together with way healthier.

Best part: the flavour is therefore assertive that it doesn’t experience similar a healthier choice at all!

This Korean viscid chicken over rice is comfort food: degree ten!

GIVE information technology Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 BASH!
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 picayune earlier, I mentioned that at that spot was a clandestine method to infusing a ton of flavour into this chicken thorax recipe inward a super curt amount of time.

Great news…

…I’m gonna tell you lot close it now!

Instead of a long soak inward a marinade to give deep flavor, give it a bash!

Seriously! Just lay your boneless chicken pieces on a piece of parchment newspaper on a company surface.

Then sprinkle your gochugaru (Korean ruby-red chili flakes) on overstep of the meat.

Cover alongside approximately other piece of parchment newspaper together with pound a few times alongside a rolling pivot or meat tenderizer.

Your kitchen volition audio similar a vintage episode of Batman for a few seconds: POW! BAM! BOOM!

However, your chicken volition non solely live tenderized, it’ll receive got the spices locked inside. Embedded if you lot will!

Added bonus: when you lot add together your viscid bubbling dearest together with soy sauce glaze, the chicken thorax volition live porous plenty to truly soak inward the flavors.

I saw this uncomplicated concept at piece of job patch watching a Jamie Oliver cooking video a patch back. It looked therefore slow – together with I totally related to his efforts to portray domicile cooking every bit slow together with super fun.

Therefore, I wanted to comprise this fun technique into 1 of my ain recipes to percentage alongside you, friends.

Aside from successfully locking the flavors in, whatsoever dinner prep where you lot instruct a chip of a cathartic do buzz isn’t a bad matter past times whatsoever means!

Just a give-and-take of advice: don’t become overboard alongside the pounding. The goal is spice-embedded together with tenderized chicken thorax – non the world chicken, ha!

Another somewhat similar Korean chicken recipe that plays alongside the sweetness together with savory flavour profile is dak bulgogi.

While bulgogi is truly a marinated beef dish, dak bulgogi is a variation alongside sliced chicken. Chicken bulgogi, fresh off the grill, is a truthful culinary delight! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 matter to behold.

However, the primary divergence betwixt chicken bulgogi together with this Korean viscid chicken recipe from a cooking perspective is that bulgogi is e'er going to postulate a long marinade to infuse flavour into the meat.

We’re skipping that measuring together with speeding upwardly the procedure past times wielding our sturdy rolling pins though, right!?

Also, chicken bulgogi is traditionally grilled together with and therefore eaten inward lettuce wraps, dipped inward ssamjang.

This Korean viscid chicken recipe is pan sauteed together with and therefore eaten over rice alongside sesame seeds together with fresh scallions.

There is also a decent amount of estrus imparted past times travel of the gochugaru inward this korean spicy chicken recipe.

Verdict: approximately other similar, but different, Korean chicken preparation.

This coarsely the world dried ruby-red pepper is something you lot should instruct inward your domicile kitchen, STAT!

Gochugaru is 1 of those integral ingredients that forms much of the architecture of how Korean nutrient tastes.

Without it, many Korean recipes wouldn’t instruct that trademark smoky, spicy flavour profile they are therefore good known for.

You see, gochugaru is a sun-dried chili pepper, that is the world together with used to furnish estrus inward everything from kimchi to marinades to dipping sauces.

The consistency is kinda similar a cross betwixt a pulverisation together with chili flake. Split the divergence betwixt the 2 – together with you lot receive got it!

While brilliant ruby-red inward color, this can’t merely live replaced alongside something similar inward appearance similar cayenne powder.

While cayenne pulverisation tends to live pretty neutral inward sense of savor (just hot), gochugaru has a to a greater extent than nuanced smoky, almost sweetness undertone alongside the heat.

Cayenne would piece of job inward a pinch – but give gochugaru a shot when making this Korean viscid chicken inward your domicile kitchen, together with I exactly know you’ll sense of savor the difference!

I’m a large fan of sweetness heat!

To deliver an understated together with rich sweetness that compliments the fiery elements of the gochugaru, I travel dearest instead of carbohydrate inward this Korean chicken recipe.

With honey, you lot tin become sweetness inward a flavour profile without going overboard into ‘cloying’ territory. Plus, it creates a viscid glaze that coats the chicken perfectly together with flavors the rice below.

The intensity of the korean chili flakes exactly plays therefore nicely alongside the savory notes of the soy sauce together with the lovely sweetness from the honey.

They all come upwardly together to shape a flavour trifecta of sweet, savory together with spicy!

This is the perfect recipe to whip upwardly at the terminate of a long, stressful solar daytime – when a eating proper repast may seem similar the to the lowest degree of your immediate priorities.

However, every bit fast together with uncomplicated every bit this Korean chicken recipe is to whip up, that showtime seize alongside teeth volition liven upwardly your other senses together with perhaps exactly striking the irksome motility push on life for a second.

It’s awesome when nutrient tin provide, non solely nourishment – but plenty flavour to prompt us to irksome down, await upwardly together with savour the moment.

Hey… it’s also overnice that you lot instruct to exert a picayune telephone substitution unloose energy past times swinging the rolling pivot too, right!?

One final piece of timing advice: you lot tin totally brand rice ahead of fourth dimension together with either refrigerate or freeze it. Pop it inward the microwave when you’re finishing upwardly the last, slow steps of this Korean viscid chicken recipe, together with dinner volition truly live on the tabular array inward less than xv minutes!

This is 1 of my all fourth dimension favorite Korean inspired recipes.

And I promise it ends upwardly on your dinner tabular array soon!

How close you? What’s a repast you lot brand when you lot desire maximum flavour to come upwardly from minimum exertion inward the kitchen? I’d love to listen close it inward the comments section!

Korean Sticky Chicken Recipe

This is a delicious together with quick recipe for Korean viscid chicken. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 picayune hot, sweetness together with savory, it's the perfect accompaniment to a steamy bowl of white rice! And it solely takes xv minutes to brand from start to finish!
Coursemain, chicken
CuisineKorean, Easy
Servings Prep Time
2-3 people 5 minutes
Cook Time
vii minutes

1 pound skinless together with boneless chicken breasts sliced into large chunks
2 tablespoons ruby-red pepper/chili flakes (gochugaru)
1 tablespoons grapeseed stone oil or vegetable oil
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
2 stalks scallions finely chopped
Servings: 2 people


Put the chicken pieces on a canvass of parchment newspaper together with sprinkle Korean ruby-red pepper flake on top. Cover alongside approximately other piece of parchment newspaper together with pound the chicken alongside a meat mallet, until each piece is good coated.
In a large pan over medium high heat, add together stone oil together with when stone oil is hot, add together chicken. Cook on each side for 2 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Transfer to a plate together with laid aside.
In the same pan over medium heat, add together soy sauce, rice vinegar together with dearest together with convey to a boil. Let the sauce bubble for 1-2 minutes, until it thickens slightly.
Return chicken to the pan together with develop for approximately other 2 minutes, until chicken is coated evenly.
Sprinkle sesame seeds, stir 1 final fourth dimension to coat evenly together with plow the estrus off.
Transfer Korean viscid chicken to a bowl or a plate together with overstep alongside chopped scallions. Serve right away alongside rice.

source: https://www.pickledplum.com/korean-sticky-chicken-recipe/

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