Lemon Raspberry Sangria

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Lemon Raspberry Sangria is the perfect means to welcome inward spring! This fruity sangria starts amongst rose vino in addition to raspberry lemonade in addition to is packed total of fresh raspberries in addition to lemon slices. Ideal for Mother’s Day, ladies’ nights, or sunny days past times the pool. If you lot honey sangria, you’ll honey this refreshing twist!

So. We officially survived leap break. Woo hoo! Not that I was genuinely worried. But. xi days IS a long time. Especially when the weather condition is genuinely nix similar spring, in addition to the friends are all inward Florida, in addition to the kids are in conclusion onetime plenty to construct the comparison.

To live honest, we’ve never genuinely gone on a leap interruption trip. But the kids bring likewise never been onetime plenty to genuinely tending almost what their friends are doing. And immediately that Ellia’s inward middle school, in addition to going somewhere is to a greater extent than of a thing, well….let’s precisely tell nosotros felt to a greater extent than pressure level this twelvemonth to at to the lowest degree practice something.

So nosotros decided on a staycation. Which we’ve likewise never genuinely done before. We allow each of our kids select i fun action in addition to i house to eat, in addition to nosotros spent 4 days having ALL the fun in addition to eating ALL the food. And past times the halt of it? You amend believe I was create for a glass…or a pitcher…of this Lemon Raspberry Sangria.

Seriously. What is it almost kids’ activities that makes me SO create for a drink? And what is it almost sangria that leaves me e'er wanting more!? Because no affair how many sangria recipes I come upwardly up with, there’s e'er i to a greater extent than (like this Lemon Raspberry Sangria) inward store!

Of course, I bring my “go-to” recipes similar Tropical White Wine Sangria in addition to Classic Red Sangria, in addition to I bring my seasonal favorites similar Apple Pie Sangria in addition to Strawberry Shortcake Sangria, but I’m literally e'er thinking inward sangria. And since leap is all almost lemon in addition to raspberry, I couldn’t allow leap overstep me past times without making a Lemon Raspberry Sangria.

This yummy sangria starts amongst rose wine, which, if you lot enquire me, already spells YUMMY. And when you lot add together inward around vodka, limoncello, raspberry lemonade, in addition to raspberry elementary syrup…well…it exclusively gets better!


Start amongst a bottle of wine. Although traditional sangria recipes purpose cherry-red wine, you lot tin purpose red, white, or whatsoever form inward between. And since you’ll live mixing it amongst juice and/or other alcohol, a lower character vino volition run precisely fine.
Add around booze. Traditional sangria calls for brandy, but I oftentimes purpose rum or vodka instead.
Stir inward around carbohydrate or elementary syrup. I honor that making my ain flavored elementary syrups tin genuinely lift the flavor of the sangria.
Add around to a greater extent than booze. This is where the liqueurs come upwardly in. Triple sec, limoncello, in addition to chambord are a few of my favorites, but the possibilities are endless.
Add fruit. Oranges, lemons, limes, apples, grapes, strawberries….or whatever else you lot bring on hand. The to a greater extent than fruit, the better!

You tin proceed sangria refrigerated for upwardly to a week, but the flavors volition alter over time. I prefer to complete mine inside 3-4 days.

Sangria is an ideal political party drinkable in addition to tin span good amongst a broad diversity of foods. I honey serving it at ladies’ nights amongst cheese in addition to crackers or at summertime parties amongst chips in addition to guacamole. It would likewise span good amongst a dinner similar fish tacos or fifty-fifty these frosted brownies for dessert!

So tell me….what’s inward YOUR favorite sangria? As you lot tin see, I’m all almost variety. And fifty-fifty though this Lemon Raspberry Sangria is my electrical flow favorite, I tin guarantee I’ll bring a novel favorite for summer. Because that’s the bargain amongst sangria. Once you lot autumn inward love, you lot autumn hard!

Lemon Raspberry Sangria

 Course Drinks
 Prep Time 10 minutes
 Servings 6
 Calories 192 kcal
 Author Cathy Trochelman

1 750 ml. bottle rose wine
1 loving cup raspberry lemonade
1/2 loving cup vodka
1/4 loving cup limoncello
1/2 loving cup water
1/2 loving cup sugar
1 1/2 cups raspberries
ii lemons *sliced

Prepare raspberry elementary syrup past times combining H2O in addition to carbohydrate inward a pocket-size saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally until carbohydrate is dissolved. Remove from heat, add together 1/2 loving cup raspberries, in addition to cover. Set aside to cool. (*optional: you lot may desire to muddle the raspberries to unloose additional flavor in addition to color. If you lot practice so, merely strain using a fine mesh strainer earlier adding to the sangria.)

In a pocket-size pitcher, combine wine, raspberry lemonade, vodka, in addition to limoncello.

Stir inward cooled elementary syrup to taste. 

Add remaining raspberries in addition to lemon slices; refrigerate until create to serve.

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