Mango Margaritas Alongside A Turmeric Chili Twist

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I possess got a confession to make: I am absolutely obsessed alongside turmeric. I’ve been sneaking it into anything as well as everything, including these Mango Margaritas.

It all started alongside me trying these awesome Orange Turmeric Margaritas from Vintage Kitty. We had game nighttime at our household as well as I decided to brand them (along alongside Fire Roasted Tomato Soup as well as Cheesy Tomato Soup Pull Apart Bread). They were an absolute striking as well as I got hooked on the turmeric uncomplicated syrup.

When I was trying to intend of jump inspired nutrient as well as drinkable recipes, mangos popped into my mind. They possess got been actually practiced lately as well as I idea I could expand on my orangish as well as turmeric obsession.

I made concentrated turmeric uncomplicated syrup to emphasize the flavor fifty-fifty to a greater extent than as well as it goes neat alongside squeezed orangish as well as lime juice equally good equally the mango. I commonly prefer margaritas on the rocks rather than frozen, but using frozen mangos reduces the iced H2O consistency that I dislike alongside a silky smoothen 1 that I love.

These Mango Margaritas too stand upwardly for into my picnic topic because y'all tin pour them into small-scale bricklayer jars for private servings as well as freeze them. When y'all larn on your picnic, inside 10 to fifteen minutes they are the same consistency they were when y'all get-go blended them.

My 2nd obsession has been Tajin Seasoning. Sprinkling this materials on popcorn, fruit, as well as into drinks is my novel favorite thing. And roofing the rims of the spectacles alongside it as well as sprinkling it on skewered mangos takes these Mango Margaritas to unopen to other degree of awesome.


I could possess got had 1 huge Chevy sized margarita, but I was good behaved as well as separated it out into 3 smaller serving sizes. But I was rattling sad. Bottoms up!

Mango Margaritas alongside a Turmeric Chili Twist

These Mango Margaritas spice things upwardly a fleck alongside a delicious turmeric uncomplicated syrup as well as a sprinkling of Tajin chili seasoning. They tin too move frozen as well as taken to-go on picnics.
Course Beverages
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 to 3
Author Megan Wells


Mango Margaritas
ii cups frozen mango
1/2 loving cup tequila
1/2 loving cup fresh lime juice
1/4 loving cup fresh orangish juice

Tajin Seasoning
3 tablespoons turmeric uncomplicated syrup

Turmeric Simple Syrup
1 loving cup peeled as well as diced turmeric root
1 loving cup sugar
1 loving cup water


Turmeric Simple Syrup
1.Combine turmeric, sugar, as well as H2O inwards a sauce pan as well as convey to a boil on high heat. Reduce to low-medium as well as prepare for 1 hour. Strain out the turmeric as well as shop inwards an airtight container inwards the fridge.

Mango Margaritas alongside a Turmeric Chili Twist
1.Take a lime wedge as well as moisture the edges of your glasses. Drag the rims inwards Tajin seasoning as well as position inwards the freezer.
2.Cut fresh mango into seize alongside teeth sized pieces as well as position them on skewers. Sprinkle Tajin seasoning on them as well as laid aside.
3.Combine all the ingredients inwards a blender as well as blend on high until smooth. Frozen mango is hard because sometimes it seems similar it's smoothen but at that topographic point volition move hidden chunks inwards there.
4.Pour into the glasses, sprinkle unopen to Tajin seasoning on the surface, as well as house the seasoned fresh mango skewers across the glass. Serve immediately.
5.Or if y'all are taking the margaritas on a picnic, pour them inwards private small-scale bricklayer jars as well as freeze. In 10 to fifteen minutes the margaritas volition move the consistency they were when get-go blended.

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