Mango Pudding

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This rich in addition to silky dessert is bursting amongst luscious mango flavor. The simplicity of this pudding recipe makes it neat for company.

Mangoes are starting to come upwards into season. So, I idea it would live on a perfect fourth dimension to part 1 of my favorite Chinese desserts normally served at dim amount restaurants.

All y'all postulate to brand this delicious mango pudding recipe is mangoes, milk, sugar, in addition to gelatin – that’s it. I used fresh ripe mangoes because they’re the most flavorful. I used kokosnoot milk because it adds a richness in addition to depth of flavor to the pudding. It also compliments in addition to enhances the mango flavor. Though, y'all tin terminal role evaporated milk or tabular array cream if y'all prefer. You tin terminal also role canned or frozen mangoes if the fresh fruit is non readily available where y'all are. Just brand certain y'all thaw and/or drain good earlier pureeing.

The texture of this pudding is soft, smoothen in addition to creamy, like to a pot de creme texture. The flavor is fresh, vibrant, in addition to non also sweet. There is merely a subtle hint of kokosnoot equally the mangoes are all the same the star of this dessert

mango pudding


1/2 loving cup (125ml) boiled hot water
1 bundle (1 tbsp) unflavored gelatin
1/2 loving cup (100g) sugar
pinch of salt
1 loving cup (250ml) kokosnoot milk (evaporated milk or tabular array cream plant too)
1 loving cup (250ml) fresh ripe mango puree (about two medium mangoes)


some diced mangoes in addition to shredded kokosnoot to garnish

1.In a medium bowl, whisk together the gelatin in addition to boiled hot H2O until no lumps remain.
2.Whisk inwards the carbohydrate in addition to tabular array salt until dissolved.
3.Stir inwards the kokosnoot milk, thence mango puree until mixture is smooth.
4.Pour into iv ramekins or modest bowls. Chill for a minimum of two hours earlier serving.

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