Mini Caprese Cups

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Fresh, summery caprese salad stuffed into a mini phyllo loving cup together with drizzled alongside balsamic glaze! An slow to brand 1 seize alongside teeth appetizer!

Happy Mon friends! I hope you lot all had a bully weekend together with hopefully many of you lot convey a brusque travel calendar week every bit well.  My weekend was filled alongside running, biking, pulling weeds, together with working inwards my vegetable garden. Let’s speak nearly weeds for a minute. Why are they necessary other than to põrnikas the crap out of you? Our side yard is the forgotten surface area on our belongings together with it’s hither that the weeds similar to grow together with spread similar the plague.

I had planned to describe weeds Sabbatum because I knew it had been a few weeks since I lastly did it together with alongside all the pelting they were reproducing every bit fast every bit the rabbits practise around here. When I went around to that forgotten side yard I stood at that topographic point alongside my rima oris opened upwards staring at three human foot tall weeds. I was together with thence embarrassed, how had I allow it larn that bad! I spent the side past times side hr pulling together with spraying them alongside weed killer together with telling myself that I would never allow them larn that out of command again….we’ll encounter if I stick to it. Please country me I’m non the exclusively 1 that battles weeds together with occasionally finds a piece that are every bit tall every bit pocket-size trees?

After the weed fiasco I went to travel on my vegetable garden which is looking fantastic! My zucchini together with summertime crush plants are huge together with finally convey blossoms together with teeny tiny zucchini starting to grow. My Lycopersicon esculentum plants are also huge together with convey a few flowers on them which hopefully agency that my sugariness ruddy together with grape tomatoes are on the way. Nothing makes me happier than harvesting together with eating vegetables from my ain garden! One of the things I dearest to brand alongside my tomatoes are these slow together with fun Mini Caprese Cups.

Mini Caprese Cups are exactly one-half a ruddy tomato, a pocket-size basil leaf, together with a one-half or whole mini mozzarella ball arranged inwards a mini phyllo cup. If you’ve never used fresh mozzarella you lot are inwards for a treat. The gustatory modality is incomparable to the regular block mozzarella together with I hope you lot volition dearest it! Once all the cups are filled I sprinkle them alongside salt, pepper, together with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. It’s the perfect summery 1 seize alongside teeth appetizer that tin live made inwards xv minutes or less.



xv mini phyllo cups
8 ruddy or grape tomatoes, halved lengthwise
8 mini fresh mozzarella balls, halved
xv pocket-size basil leaves
Balsamic glaze for drizzling, (I used the balsamic glaze recipe drizzled on this pizza)
Kosher common salt together with fresh cracked dark pepper for sprinkling on top


1.Arrange one-half of a ruddy tomato, one-half of a mini mozzarella ball, together with 1 pocket-size basil leafage inwards each mini phyllo cup.
2.Sprinkle kosher common salt together with fresh cracked dark pepper over the tops of the mini caprese cups.
3.Drizzle balsamic glaze over the tops of the mini caprese cups.
4.The mini caprese cups are best if eaten inside an hr afterward making them to forestall the phyllo cups from becoming soft.

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