Mint Chocolate Fleck Dainty Cream

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This delightfully salubrious mint chocolate flake overnice cream recipe is naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, together with vegan – together with it tin endure made alongside simply FOUR ingredients!

What is your favorite H2O ice cream flavor?

If you lot tin alone select ONE flavor?  Without fifty-fifty thinking, I’ll say you lot mine is—and has e'er been—mint chocolate chip. While I practise also dearest manifestly chocolate, together with I did larn through this weird stage inward uncomplicated schoolhouse where I’d social club dark raspberry H2O ice cream alongside glutinous bears (which is thence different me), mint chocolate flake has withstood the exam of time; it’s even thence the showtime flavour to e'er direct grip of my eye.

This salubrious mint chocolate “nice” cream is sweet, creamy, nourishing, together with incredibly simple – You tin arrive without an H2O ice cream maker!

My favorite mint-chocolate combination has made multiple appearances on the weblog earlier – inward the Healthy Shamrock Shakes, the Mint Chocolate Fudge Pie, or inward the Thin Mint Overnight Oats…

Sometimes I role spinach or avocado to accomplish the light-green hue; other times I volition skip the coloring altogether. For this detail recipe, you lot tin opt to skip it or you lot tin play simply about alongside either natural nutrient coloring or a combination of bluish together with light-green spirulina until you’ve works life the perfect color balance.

After making my overnice cream a piddling likewise dark at first, I decided to add together some kokosnoot cream inward social club to lighten it. As a happy accident, the kokosnoot cream ended upwards non alone lightening the H2O ice cream to the perfect shade green, it also made the recipe fifty-fifty to a greater extent than delicious than it already was!

Certainly ameliorate than dark raspberry alongside glutinous bears…

Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream
Adapted from : Banana Ice Cream

Total fourth dimension : 5m
Yield      : 1-2 servings


ii overripe, frozen bananas
pinch of salt
1/8 tsp pure peppermint extract, or to a greater extent than equally desired
optional pinch spirulina lor natural nutrient coloring
optional 1/2 loving cup kokosnoot cream or raw cashews, for a richer taste
2-3 tbsp broken-up dark chocolate or chocolate chips


*Be certain to purchase pure peppermint extract, non mint or mistaken peppermint. Add to a greater extent than extract for a to a greater extent than powerful mint flavor, adding tardily because a piddling goes a long way. If using the optional nuts, soak them half dozen hrs to soften, together with then drain completely.

Start alongside bananas that are turning brown. Peel together with cutting into pieces, together with then freeze inward an airtight handbag or container. To brand the H2O ice cream, blend all ingredients until completely smooth. You tin add together the chocolate earlier or later blending. Serve straight off inward a bowl, or transfer to a container together with freeze until firm, together with then scoop out alongside an H2O ice cream scoop.

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