Overnight Creme Brûlée French Toast Bake

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This easy, dreamy baked creme brûlée french toast, thank you lot to its overnight prep, is thus uncomplicated in addition to thus delicious. It’s bound to endure a novel breakfast favorite!

Every twelvemonth or thus Christmas time, I normally part a novel vacation breakfast recipe perfect for a special breakfast. Emphasis on special. It’s real of import that nosotros all sympathise in addition to know: ain’t nobody eating creme brûlée French toast on a Tuesday morn inwards my house.

We stick amongst our park breakfast suspects during the calendar week in addition to salvage the special stuff…for special days.

I jumped the gun a chip in addition to shared this baked Chocolate High German Pancake a few weeks agone – it would endure fabulous for Christmas morning, too.

But the existent breakfast winner this vacation flavor is this overnight baked creme brûlée French toast.

Holy moly. It’s amazing.

And this is coming from mortal who isn’t the biggest French toast fan on the planet. It ranks form of depression on my listing of breakfast loves, but apparently, if you lot larn inwards sense of savor similar creme brûlée, I’m going to endure fighting immature children for the leftovers.

Instead of doing amount slices of bread, I opted to cutting the staff of life into cubes in addition to brand to a greater extent than of a “bake” out of it instead of using amount slices of bread. My top dog motive? Reduce the soggy factor.

I’m vehemently against soggy staff of life of all sorts (I’m thus real lamentable staff of life pudding – you’ll in all probability never lead maintain a house on my blog), but I dear caramelized, golden pieces of staff of life lightly soaked inwards a sweetness milk mixture.

Yes, that I like.

Keeping the crusts on the staff of life in addition to cutting it into cubes helps this French toast bake attain absolute perfection.

As it bakes, the uncomplicated dark-brown saccharide syrup sitting nether the staff of life cooks in addition to bubbles in addition to creates an absolutely magical creme brûlée crust for the tender French toast.

No extra syrup necessary, nosotros serve this deliciousness amongst sweetened whipped cream in addition to fresh raspberries in addition to strawberries. The combo is spectacular.

The super uncomplicated overnight prep makes this vacation (or perchance lazy Saturday?) breakfast selection a dream, peculiarly since you lot accept it out of the fridge in addition to popular it inwards the oven equally it preheats.

I volition warn you, a 9X13-pan of this succulent French toast was pushing the limits on serving sizes for our family. Granted, I lead maintain 5 hungry boys (and 2 hungry girls!) to feed, but I’ve started doubling this for our family.

There are some leftovers doing it this way, but those easily larn gobbled upwards afterward (ahem: lunch).

Creme brûlée is hands downwards ane of my favorite desserts of all time, in addition to this French toast version simply makes me (and my whole family) thus happy. This upcoming Christmas morning, I’m planning on serving it amongst these tasty Christmas Baked Eggs.

If you lot are looking for a special, fun breakfast for whatever of the upcoming holidays, permit this endure the one! You won’t endure disappointed



vi tablespoons butter
3/4 loving cup (5.5 ounces) packed lite or black dark-brown sugar
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup (can sub corn syrup or pancake syrup)
vi (1-inch thick) slices French bread, cutting into 3/4-inch cubes (see moving-picture present below the recipe)
iv large eggs
1 loving cup half-and-half
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt
Sweetened whipped cream + fresh strawberries/raspberries, for serving


1.Add butter, dark-brown sugar, in addition to maple syrup to a microwave-safe bowl, in addition to microwave for 1-2 minutes, until the saccharide is dissolved. Stir to combine. (This footstep tin endure done inwards a pan on the stove.)
2.Lightly grease a 9X13-inch pan amongst cooking spray.
3.Spread the dark-brown saccharide mixture inwards the bottom of the pan in addition to suit the staff of life cubes inwards a unmarried layer over the top.
4.In a bowl or liquid standard cup, whisk together the eggs, half-and-half, vanilla, in addition to salt.
5.Pour the mixture evenly over the bread.
6.Cover the pan in addition to refrigerate overnight (8-10 hours).
7.Remove the pan from the refrigerator, uncover, in addition to house inwards the mutual depression temperature oven. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Once the oven reaches temperature, bake for 30-35 minutes, until the staff of life is golden in addition to the caramelly syrup is bubbling (alternately, if you lot desire the golden syrupy goodness on top, the french toast tin endure baked for xx minutes, thus using a large, apartment spatula, flip the staff of life pieces in addition to bake for some other 10-15 minutes).
8.Serve straight off amongst sweetened whipped cream in addition to fresh raspberries or strawberries.


I similar my French toast on the firmer (read: less soggy) cease of things (although it’s nonetheless enough soft in addition to delicious equally written). However, if you lot similar a softer/milkier/soggier French toast OR your staff of life is thicker than 1-inch slices, increase the half-and-half to 1 1/2 cups in addition to purpose 5 eggs instead of 4.
Also, if you lot are using an artisan-style staff of life amongst heavy, thick crusts, consider cutting the crusts off the staff of life (no remove to practice that if the French staff of life you lot purpose is soft amongst a thinner crust).

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