Pink Velvet Cake Alongside Imperial Vanilla Buttercream

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This Pink Velvet Cake amongst Purple Vanilla Buttercream is the perfect cake for a birthday celebration where vivid colors too fun are a focal point!

So nosotros had a Birthday late closed to here. My immature adult woman turned three on the 18th. Boy was she ever excited for cake. Seriously, I asked this immature adult woman for weeks what she wanted for her birthday too all she would ever tell me was “purple cake”. Ok, good that doesn’t quite tell me youngster what sort of gifts yous want, but at to the lowest degree I know what sort of cake yous want!

My immature adult woman is a really colorful trivial diva. She switches her loves betwixt pinkish too royal hence oft that I recall inwards reality she only says the kickoff i that comes inwards her mind. So land I needed to contain some pinkish into this cake as well. So depression too behold this Pink Velvet Cake amongst Purple Vanilla Buttercream came to be.

This cake was trouble….well to a greater extent than or less I was trouble. If you’ve ever tried to decorate a cake when yous conduct hold all four of your kids habitation amongst yous too i of them beingness a toddler who literally is stuck to your side, it doesn’t ever choke as planned. What should conduct hold taken me mayhap two hours ended upward taking me six hours. Goodbye that Sabbatum went. But honestly, it was all worth it only to locomote able to encounter my daughters confront when she got the royal cake of her dreams.

If yous know me too conduct hold been reading my blog, yous know that I’ve choke quite addicted to cake baking too decorating. I absolutely am inwards beloved amongst this Banana Peanut Butter Cake too don’t fifty-fifty acquire me started on this Pumpkin Spice Cake. But I am no agency an skillful at all!! Trust me, a lot of youtubing too googling conduct hold been involved over the yesteryear twelvemonth to larn novel techniques too styles on it.

But cake is absolutely i of my all fourth dimension favorite desserts too I recall that’s why I maintain making it. All the season combinations that yous tin create betwixt the frosting too the cake itself is absolutely endless. For this Pink Velvet Cake I decided to maintain it sugariness too simple, hence nosotros conduct hold a land vanilla cake too vanilla buttercream. I didn’t wish to overwhelm my immature adult woman amongst all these flavors too sometimes only sticking to master copy flavors is best!

The divergence betwixt this cake too all my others is that I didn’t tort (cut inwards half) my cake layers to create the layers inwards the cake. This fourth dimension I genuinely baked all my cakes inwards private 9″ cake pans too only layered them on overstep of i another. Honestly, it’s hence much simpler! But I withal beloved torting, hence I’m certain I’ll choke along to do it inwards the future, it’s only what I do.

My son’s birthday was genuinely the previous calendar week on 9/11 too nosotros did a baseball game cake for his choice. I would conduct hold loved to of pose that upward hither on the blog, but I am human, I am non perfect too that cake didn’t plough out as goodness as I hoped. Tasted great, looked decent, but sometimes yous only conduct hold to throw inwards the towel too acknowledge defeat too that’s what I did.

I conduct hold learned through this cake decorating procedure that I am non an intricate piper, I do non conduct hold a steady hand, hence anything that requires direct lines, designs…not gonna occur from me. I tried to salve the baseball game cake too freeze it to laid upward the frosting laces inwards hopes that I could develop my shaky design, alas it didn’t work! But that’s ok! My kids genuinely aren’t near the hold off of the cakes hence much as they are near the gustation too the reasoning behind them, which I appreciate.

But inwards all honesty, it’s only genuinely fun to do hence if yous bask making cakes, allow me tell you, practicing is all that yous tin do. I would adore to accept a cake decorating class at some signal to larn some novel things too endeavor novel designs. But youtube too google too utilization is what is getting me yesteryear these days.

So inwards ending this longish verbalize near cakes, I promise yous bask this Pink Velvet Cake amongst Purple Vanilla Buttercream as much as my describe of piece of employment solid unit of measurement did! It’s a fun vivid cake that makes a contention too my immature adult woman enjoyed! Happy Caking everyone!


H5N1 vivid vibrant pinkish vanilla cake is baked too filled too frosted amongst royal buttercream, glazed inwards a pinkish ganache too decorated.


1 1/2 loving cup butter, softened
two 1/4 loving cup sugar
four egg whites
three tsp vanilla
three cups flour
three tsp baking powder
1 1/2 loving cup milk
Wilton Pink Gel nutrient coloring


1 1/2 loving cup butter, softened
1 1/2 loving cup shortening
three tsp vanilla extract
6-7 cups powdered sugar
Wilton Purple Gel nutrient coloring


1 loving cup white chocolate chips
1/2 loving cup heavy whipping cream
Wilton Pink Gel nutrient coloring
Candy pearls
Pink glitter sprinkles


Preheat oven to 350.
Link three 9" cake pans amongst parchment newspaper too spray pan amongst non-stick cooking spray, laid aside.
In bowl shell together your butter too saccharide until fluffy.
Add your egg whites too vanilla too choke along beating until combined, near 1 infinitesimal (do non over mix, yous do non wish to shell your egg whites into peaks).
In some other bowl, combine your flour, baking pulverization too whisk together.
In alternate additions add together your 1/3 flour mixture too your milk to the butter/sugar mixing later on each addition.
Add inwards plenty nutrient coloring too mix on depression until yous acquire your desired color.
Divide your batter every bit betwixt your prepared pans.
Bake for near xxx minutes or until middle is laid too toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Remove from oven too allow to cool inwards pans for near five minutes earlier transferring to cooling racks.
Meanwhile to brand your buttercream inwards large bowl mix together your butter too shortening until lite too fluffy .
Add inwards your vanilla too mix to incorporate.
Adding 1 loving cup at a time, add together your powdered saccharide until yous achieve your desired consistency.
Lastly stir inwards plenty nutrient coloring to acquire your desired color.
Once cakes are cool add together your bottom layer of cake to a plough tabular array too overstep amongst near 3/4 loving cup of your buttercream too smoothen to edges. Repeat amongst remaining layers.
Spread a sparse layer of frosting over overstep too sides of cake to seal inwards the crumbs, house cake inwards freezer for near 15-30 minutes.
Once chilled pipage remaining frosting onto sides amongst a long apartment ribbon tip too smoothen out over sides too overstep of cake. Place dorsum into freezer.
Meanwhile to brand your ganache, house your chocolate inwards a estrus proof bowl.
On stove overstep add together your heavy cream to pan too estrus until it only beings to boil, hence take away too pour over your chocolate. Cover for near five minutes.
Remove overstep too stir your cream too chocolate together until its all melted too blended. Place inwards fridge until thickened slightly 15-20 minutes.
Remove cake from fridge too spoon a trivial of your ganache over the edges of your cake hence it drips downward the sides, add together your candy pearls to your shorter drips if desired.
Using an opened upward star tip, pipage swirls on overstep of cake too closed to bottom amongst your remaining buttercream.
Sprinkle overstep of cake amongst pinkish glitter sprinkles too add together to a greater extent than of your pearls to the overstep swirls if desired.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.


If your ganache doesn't laid correct later on drizzling onto cake house inwards fridge or freezer to harden it earlier decorating.

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