Simple Crepes For The Whole Family

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Because schoolhouse starts therefore early on for our kids, morning time tends to survive pretty rushed, pregnant breakfast isn’t ever the most elaborate (not that many of my meals are, to maintain it real). One of our favorites that nosotros move into our card equally ofttimes equally is practical is non only a actually budget-friendly recipe, but also super delicious. You tin whip upwards these Simple Crepes for the whole solid unit of measurement for breakfast, snack or fifty-fifty a dessert!

This isn’t equally much of an tardily breakfast recipe equally cereal, smoothies or fifty-fifty roughly of my oatmeal recipes I’ve shared – but 1 time yous whip upwards the batter actually quick it’s only a affair of cooking in addition to dishing up!

These crepes are 1 of the dishes that EVERYONE inwards the solid unit of measurement loves, in addition to asks for seconds. And thirds – in addition to sometimes my kids volition fifty-fifty consume 5 or vi of them! Yup, definitely a winner inwards my books. We mix upwards the toppings in addition to drizzles sometimes, but the overall favorite therefore far has been strawberries, whipped cream in addition to chocolate syrup drizzled on top. Makes me retrieve of my Chocolate Crepes amongst Strawberry Cream!

Note: We own got 6 people inwards our family, who consume a LOT of these (like I said above, my kids sometimes consume 4-6 each) therefore nosotros brand a large batch. This recipe is what WE utilization to feed our family, in addition to nosotros ofttimes own got virtually 6 large crepes leftover. If yous own got a smaller family, or they won’t consume equally much, only split the recipe equally needed.

iv tbsp. Sugar
8 tbsp. Coconut Oil, melted
ii tbsp. Vanilla Extrat
Dash of Salt
8 Eggs
iv cups Milk
ii cups Water
iv cups All-purpose Flour
Toppings of Choice

Note: I utilization my blender to mix the batter, only breaking into thirds therefore it fits. You tin utilization a mixer, too.

Combine all of the ingredients inwards either your blender (divide into thirds or quarters therefore it fits – brand certain to own got fifty-fifty liquid/solid to larn it good mixed) or a larger bowl or mixer. Blend/mix real good therefore it’s no longer lumpy
Take a frying pan (we larn iv going at a fourth dimension to survive quicker, in addition to it’s only dissimilar sizes), spray it amongst cooking spray, therefore oestrus upwards over medium-low heat. For large pans (like 10-14 inch) I create virtually 1/2-3/4 loving cup batter. More = thicker crepe, less = thinner crepe.
When the edges are starting to come upwards up in addition to the crepe slides a chip when yous milkshake the pan side to side, it’s fourth dimension to flip it over. Don’t over cook!
Spray your pan earlier each crepe, in addition to move along through the batter. Serve warm amongst toppings of your choice!

With iv pans going, it doesn’t accept long to flip through these uncomplicated crepes – it’s only a affair of staying warning to brand certain they don’t burn! Adjust the oestrus equally necessary equally the pan gets hotter, or if there’s a thinner crepe.


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