Southwest Avocado Toast

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Perfect for breakfast, tiffin or dinner this Southwest Avocado Toast has a eggs, avocado together with salsa kicking it upwards a notch amongst every bite!

So I promised to convey you lot guys simply about to a greater extent than breakfast recipes this year! Well, this Southwest Avocado Toast is seriously ane of my favorite breakfasts! Technically it tin hand notice last eaten at whatsoever meal, but since it has eggs I primarily swallow it for breakfast. 

Not maxim that you lot possess got to, simply maxim it’s an option. I’m the brinner type of gal, hence I really swallow this all solar daytime long. I’m kinda slightly addicted. But I’m fully addicted to avocado. I volition swallow avocado on ANYTHING! Like hand me guacamole together with I’ll swallow it amongst a spoon.

That’s totally non weird at all right? Ok anyways, I’m non surely but avocado toast has been on the tendency lately. I hateful at that spot are hence many ways to swallow it. Like avocado, bacon together with tomato…um yes. Avocado, hummus together with cucumber…need to try! And avocado tuna melt?!?! Say what?!

So amongst my Southwest Avocado Toast it’s simply a no frills recipe amongst simply about close basic ingredients that I’m surely are inwards your pantry correct now. See, I’m the type of daughter that likes to run along things equally quick together with slowly equally humanly possible. I’ve got iv hungry mouths to feed inwards my house, hence anyone who has kids know’s that getting things on the tabular array equally quick equally possible is key.

This toast is hence delicious fifty-fifty my close picky of eaters really wanted a whole ane to himself. I was seriously hence surprised at this. He is literally the worst at eating anything. He asks what surely things are together with he tells me he doesn’t similar it. Ugh, hence frustrating. I at to the lowest degree brand my kids accept ane seize amongst teeth to travail something earlier they totally dismiss it. 

I intend the kiddo was happy that I made him travail this. Because he simply devoured it. Even my ever hating avocado married adult man really enjoyed this! I’ve simply got a tough crowd at my menage hence winning them over amongst my meals ever feels similar the best of accomplishments similar EVER!!

So if you lot possess got a few minutes inwards your morning time when you’re non rushing out the door, you lot wishing a delicious twist to your normal cereal, pancake or waffle routine together with hence this Southwest Avocado Toast is correct upwards your alley! It’s a fun, slowly savory breakfast that you’ll wishing to run along on your breakfast rotation.


Delicious avocado is mixed amongst simply about estrus together with spread on toast together with topped amongst scrambled eggs together with salsa.


ii pieces bread, toasted
1 avocado, peeled together with seeded
ii tsp cilantro, addition to a greater extent than for garnish
Juice of 1/2 lime
1/4 tsp cayenne powder
1/2 tsp cherry pepper flakes
Salt together with pepper
ii eggs, scrambled


1.In bowl mix together your avocado, cilantro, lime, cayenne, cherry pepper flakes together with common salt together with pepper together with stir until mashed.
2.Spread one-half mixture on each of your pieces of toast.
3.Top amongst your scrambled eggs together with desired sum of salsa.
4.Garnish amongst cilantro if desired.

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