Sticky Paws (Williams Sonoma Copycat)


Just similar the vacation offering at Williams Sonoma, these Copycat Sticky Paws gustation fifty-fifty meliorate than the original! Easy, quick, in addition to and so delicious – they’re perfect for gifting!

So I convey a confession to make: I never catch Williams Sonoma.

It’s located smack-dab inwards the middle of all those obnoxious kiosks inwards the mall – yous know, the ones where they endeavor to shove skincare samples at yous equally yous walk by? I to a greater extent than oftentimes than non avoid that department of the mall similar the plague, in addition to thus, I’m never inwards Williams Sonoma.

But a pair weeks ago, my sis in addition to I were walking simply about the mall in addition to happened to hold out downward that expanse in addition to walked in. I ever forget how amazing everything looks in addition to tastes at that topographic point – when they brew mulling spices, I am drawn inwards similar a moth to a freakin’ flame. Mulling spices are LIFE.

And on this exceptional occasion, they were sampling their Sticky Paws. I hadn’t heard of these before, but 1 time I took a bite, I was hooked! Basically, they’re a lot similar my Polar Bear Paws recipe except at that topographic point are ii principal differences: instead of peanuts, they’re made amongst almonds, in addition to instead of white chocolate, it’s made amongst milk chocolate.

And right away I can’t determine which “paw” recipe I similar better!!

The almonds offering an amazing nutty sweetness to the gooey caramel filling, in addition to I honey the classic contrast of the buttery caramel in addition to rich chocolate coating. The solely affair I tin propose at this signal is making both paw recipes to come across for yourself!

However, since these Sticky Paws are simply equally adept if non BETTER than the master copy Williams Sonoma version, I highly recommend saving the $20 to purchase them past times making them yourself! They’d hold out GREAT for gift-giving this vacation season… or simply for hoarding yourself 🙂

Sticky Paws (Williams Sonoma Copycat)

Author     : Hayley Parker, The Domestic Rebel
Recipe type: Candy
Serves     : 12-14

These Sticky Paws are the Williams Sonoma vacation copycat yous tin bask ALL twelvemonth long! Only a few uncomplicated ingredients in addition to virtually xxx minutes way you'll convey your ain batch of delicious Sticky Paws inwards no time!


One 11-oz handbag Kraft caramel bits (or 11-oz handbag caramel squares, unwrapped if using)
1 Tbsp butter
iii Tbsp heavy whipping cream
1 & ¼ cups natural, raw almonds
One 16-oz pkg chocolate candy coating/almond bark


1.In a large microwaveable bowl, combine the caramel bits (or squares if using), butter, in addition to heavy cream. Microwave on HIGH ability for ninety seconds, stirring every xxx seconds until polish in addition to melted. Stir inwards the almonds in addition to allow laid upward for virtually 10-15 minutes to line solid up.
2.Line a baking canvass amongst parchment paper. Using a buttered spoon, drib heaping Tablespoonfuls of the caramel almond mixture onto the baking sheet, spaced virtually 1-2" apart. Pop the caramel mounds inwards the freezer until firm, virtually 15-20 minutes. Caramel mounds volition hold out line solid plenty when they volition easily come upward off of the parchment paper.
3.Melt the candy coating according to parcel directions or until smooth. Using a fork, dip each caramel mound into the chocolate, coating it completely. Allow excess to drip off the fork in addition to provide to the baking sheet. Repeat amongst remaining caramel mounds. Let chocolate harden earlier serving. PLEASE, allow caramel come upward to ROOM TEMPERATURE earlier consuming!

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