Triple Berry Margaritas

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This slow berry margaritas recipe uses fresh blackberries, strawberries, as well as blueberries for a sweet, colorful twist on a refreshing tequila cocktail. No margarita mix required! Vegetarian, Vegan.

Let’s beak close tequila!

We’re finally having a combat of gorgeous, sunshine-y conditions here, which agency nosotros tin mail away finally (FINALLY!) sit down exterior on our piddling porch as well as convey a drinkable inwards the sunshine.

Also, fresh berries are starting to gyre inwards at the grocery shop as well as farmer’s market, which agency my refrigerator has been stocked alongside all the best strawberries as well as blackberries as well as blueberries New York has to offer.

ALSO also, I bought some tequila finally week.

Sooooo tequila + fresh berries + FINALLY SOME SUNSHINE?

Pretty certain these triple berry margaritas = DESTINY.

The homemade berry elementary syrup inwards this recipe is easily customized depending on what berries are inwards season, as well as it gives these margaritas a stunning neon pinkish color. I used strawberries, blackberries, as well as blueberries, but it would also hold out nifty alongside raspberries or whatever local berries yous convey around!

Fresh berries are ever my favorite, but frozen berries operate good also if you’re making these margaritas inwards a non-berry flavour (which, ummm, they’re delicious, therefore nosotros should in all likelihood ALL hold out making them year-round).

And ok, confession time: I’m non ordinarily ane to become for the fruity pinkish drinks.

I don’t similar overly sweetness cocktails, as well as ordinarily when I’m out places pinkish drinkable = SUGAR OVERLOAD, therefore I tend to steer clear.

But these cocktails convey TEQUILA.

So I made an exception.

(Also, I did a lotttttt of sense of savor testing to brand certain they’re balanced as well as fruity but non overly sweet. And as well as then I did some to a greater extent than sense of savor testing. Because yum).


Author: Jessie Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: xxx mins Total Time: xl minutes Yield: Makes 4


1 loving cup water
3/4 loving cup sugar
1/3 loving cup blackberries
1/3 loving cup sliced strawberries
1/3 loving cup blueberries

1/4 loving cup saccharide or common salt (for drinking glass rims)
2 cups H2O ice (you tin mail away eyeball this)
1/2 loving cup triple berry elementary syrup
1/2 loving cup fresh lime juice
1 loving cup tequila
Optional Garnishes: Lime slices, fresh berries


1.Combine all ingredients inwards a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring mixture to a simmer as well as create 4-5 minutes until berries convey softened as well as saccharide has dissolved.
2.Remove syrup from rut as well as permit it cool completely.
3.Strain the elementary syrup to take away the berry pieces as well as ready strained elementary syrup aside for the margaritas. (I similar to salvage the cooked-down berries for smoothies subsequently inwards the week!)

1.Lay 2 plates downwards on the counter. Add simply plenty H2O to the outset plate to embrace its surface. Add your saccharide or common salt (I similar saccharide on my cocktail glasses!) to the 2nd plate as well as spread it out evenly. Grab 4 cocktail spectacles as well as dip the rim of each drinking glass lightly into the shallow H2O on the outset plate, as well as and then into the saccharide or common salt on the 2nd plate. Shake off the excess, create amount each drinking glass alongside 1/4 loving cup or therefore of ice, as well as ready aside.
2.Combine triple berry elementary syrup, lime juice, as well as tequila inwards a cocktail shaker. (Depending on the size of your shaker, yous may bespeak to practice this inwards 2 batches). Add a handful of H2O ice as well as milkshake good until margaritas are chilled.
3.Divide margaritas evenly betwixt your 4 cocktail glasses.
4.Garnish margaritas alongside extra lime slices as well as fresh berries (optional) as well as serve immediately.

I honey using fresh berries for this recipe when they’re inwards season, but yous tin mail away brand the elementary syrup alongside frozen berries equally well.

Use whichever berry varieties yous similar inwards this recipe. It would also hold out nifty alongside raspberries!

You tin mail away purpose either common salt or saccharide on the rim of your cocktail glasses. I similar sugar!

To brand this equally a blended margarita, blend margarita ingredients inwards a powerful blender alongside about 2 cups of ice.

This recipe makes a combat of extra elementary syrup – come about the extra syrup inwards the refrigerator for upward to a calendar week as well as purpose it inwards other cocktail recipes, fresh lemonade, or your morning time smoothie!

The sweetness of this margarita volition vary depending on the berries as well as limes that yous purpose – give the mixture a sense of savor earlier yous pour it into spectacles as well as add together to a greater extent than lime juice or elementary syrup if you’d similar to conform the sweetness!

If yous desire to stretch this margarita recipe a combat farther, overstep off each drinkable alongside a splash of tonic water.

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