Virgin Lava Catamenia Slush

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Virgin Lava Flow Slush! Enjoy the tropical flavors of pineapple, kokosnoot as well as banana swirled alongside strawberry inward this frosty as well as slushy drink! Feel costless to add together a lilliputian rum if desired! The perfect summertime drink!

Hello at that spot xc grade weather condition (which according my telephone “feels similar 106)!  At to the lowest degree hither inward Texas.  I walked exterior yesterday as well as forthwith regretted the determination as well as wanted to larn dorsum within to my air conditioned home.  I know it’s only going to larn hotter.  I’m aware.  I mean value I’m only a lilliputian to a greater extent than sensitive to it given the fact that I’m 8 months preggo.  But I occur to convey institute the perfect lilliputian summertime potable that also happens to last prophylactic for the lilliputian bun inward the oven too!  These Virgin Lava Flow Slushes!

The best matter close these slushes is that they are made using existent fruit as well as existent juices.  There is a flake of saccharide to sweeten the strawberries a bit, but y'all could cutting it out or switch to an agave or something instead to sweeten.

For the cream of coconut, I typically snag a tin dismiss of Goya build kokosnoot cream from the market.  The best agency I’ve heard it described is that cream of kokosnoot is to kokosnoot milk what sweetened condensed milk is to milk.  But alongside coconut!  So it’s alone close i one G k times better!

And of course, if desired y'all tin dismiss definitely add together a splash or 2 of rum inward here.  Making it the perfect summertime cocktail! Adult as well as shaver versions!

(Virgin) Lava Flow Slush

Author: Serene @ House of Yumm  Prep Time: five minutes  Total Time: five minutes  Yield: 4


Pineapple Coconut Slush

1 loving cup ice
1 frozen banana
1 loving cup cream of coconut
1 loving cup pineapple juice

Strawberry Slush

1 loving cup ice
2 lb strawberries cored as well as diced
1/4 loving cup white granulated sugar

Optional Garnish

fresh pineapple


1.In a blender add together the ingredients for the pineapple slush. Blend until smooth. Pour the slush into around other container as well as identify inward freezer. (if slush is likewise runny y'all tin dismiss add together to a greater extent than H2O ice or identify the slush into the freezer for close 15-20 minutes until desired consistency)
2.Wash out the blender as well as and then add together the ingredients for the strawberry slush. Blend until smooth.
3.Pour the pineapple slush into spectacles as well as piece of occupation yesteryear alongside the strawberry slush. Top alongside garnish if desired.
4.Serve forthwith as well as enjoy!

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