Frozen Chai Milkshake

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Over the weekend, I tried a novel java store that opened inwards a local neighborhood too they had a fantastic card of unique smoothies. One of the smoothies was a “Frozen Chai” too the ingredients sounded soo skillful – chai tea flavors, almond milk, too almond butter equally the principal ingredients. I had to simulate it at abode ASAP.

I used this decaf latte chai concentrate from Tazo {found at Target}, combined alongside almond milk, frozen banana slices, almond butter, too patently Greek yogurt. You tin besides add together H2O ice if you lot desire an fifty-fifty to a greater extent than frozen consistency.

Frozen Chai Milkshake


  • 1 frozen banana {sliced}
  • 1/3 loving cup chai tea concentrate
  • 2/3 loving cup almond milk
  • 1 Tablespoon almond butter
  • 2 Tablespoons patently Greek yogurt

Optional: 1/2 loving cup ice

How to
*Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend until combined.

for consummate method delight clikck :
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