Starbucks Dark-Green Drinkable Copycat Recipe

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For me, my summertime Starbucks obsession started amongst the Pink Drink. Which led to the Purple Drink, as well as thence the Orange Drink. Though at that topographic point is too a bluish potable (the jury is nonetheless out on what makes it blue), at that topographic point is too a dark-green drink. The Starbucks Green Drink is past times far my close favorite of all the rainbow drinks. And simply similar all the drinks at Starbucks that I convey expire such a fan of, I had to figure out how to brand the Green Drink at home.

So let’s outset amongst the basics – this how y'all club the Starbucks Green Drink: Black tea amongst matcha dark-green tea powder, vanilla syrup as well as kokosnoot milk. While the Pink Drink tastes strawberries, the Purple Drink is passion fruit-y as well as the Orange Drink is tastes similar a Creamsicle, the Green Drink is grassy. The dark tea as well as matcha give it its kick, the vanilla syrup adds sweetness as well as the kokosnoot milk makes it creamy.


  • 1 loving cup filtered water
  • 1 dark tea bag
  • 4 tsp. 1 tbsp. Matcha dark-green tea powder
  • 4 tbsp. Vanilla Simple Syrup
  • 1 loving cup unsweetened plainly kokosnoot milk


  1. Bring 1 loving cup filtered H2O to a boil. Steep the dark tea pocketbook for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker amongst ice, add together the steeped dark tea, matcha powder, vanilla syrup as well as kokosnoot milk.
  3. Shake vigorously for 5-10 seconds, as well as thence pour into a serving glass.
  4. Enjoy!

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