Strawberry Orangish Fridge Iced Tea

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For many summers, G in addition to I were seriously obsessed amongst Sun teas. Like drinkable it every twenty-four hr current all twenty-four hr current form of obsessed.

Every morning, I would dump a bunch of tea bags in addition to pieces of fruit into a jounce of H2O in addition to teach out it on our patio for a few hours to like shooting fish in a barrel steep nether the hot sun. I would thence strain the liquid, serve over ice, in addition to G in addition to I would relish the refreshing drinkable all afternoon long.

That was earlier an unpleasant sense made us swear off our daily habit. If you’ve always been at the bad halt of adept nutrient gone bad, you lot know it ain’t pretty. I should convey known better, really. If at that topographic point was 1 affair drummed into my caput incessantly inwards college in addition to during my decades-long career of managing commercial kitchens, it is the importance of proper temperatures inwards security nutrient prep in addition to handling.

Using the natural rays of the Sun to brand “sun tea” is non recommended. Even at its tempest, the does non supply plenty oestrus to piece of job along the tea exterior of the xl F to 140 F danger zone hit which is the optimal temperature environs for bacterial growth.

As I’ve said, adept nutrient gone bad is far from fun.


  • 4 bags dark tea bags
  • 1 quart filtered water
  • 4 strawberries, hulled in addition to halved
  • 1 orange, washed in addition to sliced thinly
  • ice


In a large pitcher, combine tea, water, strawberries, in addition to orangish slices.

 Cover tightly in addition to refrigerate overnight.

Using a fine lucre sieve, strain liquid. Serve mutual frigidity over ice.

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