The Easiest Mousse Yous Volition E'er Make

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I don’t know close you, but I’ve never been much of a pudding fan… it’s simply sort of…. well, boring. BUT, if you lot mix instant pudding amongst heavy cream instead of milk, you lot won’t believe the awesomeness it creates! It’s similar a mix betwixt a rich fudge too a mousse.

I know that all of that heavy cream doesn’t audio similar it should survive eaten inwards such large quantities, but you lot actually entirely quest a tablespoon or ii of this decadent dessert to satisfy your sweetness tooth.


  • 1 box instant pudding (any flavour too size)
  • 2-3 cups whipping cream


Using a mitt mixer, brand the instant pudding according to the bundle directions, entirely substitute heavy cream for the milk.

After the pudding too heavy cream are good combined, house it inwards the fridge for a few minutes, too mix over again until it's super thick.

Store it inwards a covered container inwards your fridge for upward to 2 weeks. You tin hand the axe also freeze it! I normally freeze one-half of it, too refrigerate the rest. It's a actually nice, mutual frigidity process frozen amongst a slightly unlike texture.

Recipe Notes
The heavy cream makes the pudding an incredibly rich too decadent dessert. You entirely quest a spoonful at a time! In fact, it's sweetness too thick plenty to role equally an icing or pie filling.
Try using one-half milk too one-half whipping cream for a slightly less thick effect (or whatever ratio you'd like).
If you're watching your carbohydrate intake, essay the sugar-free instant pudding-- combined amongst the heavy cream, it's depression inwards carbs.
Try using it equally a dip or a spread for fruit, cookies or graham crackers.

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