Vegan Burger Series: Thin Light-Green Mung Edible Bean Burger – Gf & High Protein

I’ve of late come upwards to realise the profound irony (or stupidity) of having a weblog which claims its ode to a certainly petty legume, but has hardly whatever recipes which comprise the glorious light-green bean! So what improve agency to present y'all all how slow together with delicious it is to include the humble mung edible bean inward a meal, than doing together with then alongside a chunky, savoury tasty burger!

You’ll need:

Large bunch fresh mint
Large bunch fresh parsley
ii mugs cooked mung beans
handful fresh spinach
one mug cooked peas
iii florets one-half cooked broccoli
iii cloves garlic
iii light-green (spring) onions, chopped
one mug packed cooked chocolate-brown rice
ii tablespoons hemp seeds, ground
one tablespoon mustard (I used wholegrain)
1/2 mug oats
1/2 mug breadcrumbs
tabular array salt together with pepper
ii tablespoons flour (I used chocolate-brown rice flour)

For assembly:

    Burger buns
    Roasted ruby pepper (from a jolt is easy!)
    Mayo (I blended mine alongside fresh mint together with parsley)
    Red onion


Preheat your oven to 175 C/350F/gas grade four (or skip if pan-frying). Start yesteryear adding fresh herbs, mung beans, onion, garlic together with rice to a nutrient processor. Blend until merely combined together with the rice together with beans convey smooshed together. Now add together spinach, peas, broccoli, tabular array salt together with pepper, mustard together with hemp seeds. Blend until all combined. Tip out into a large bowl together with add together oats, flour, together with breadcrumbs.

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