Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

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As you’re reading this, I’m in all likelihood on a airplane or standing on a metropolis street inward Portland, Oregon.

And I’m in all likelihood standing inward delineate of piece of job for VooDoo Doughnuts.

And that volition in all likelihood endure my 5th doughnut of the day. Or twelfth. Hard to say.

Have you lot ever catch nearly a house that you’ve never been but you lot simply acquire the vibe that you’ll desire to motion there? Me too. That’s form of how I’m feeling nearly Portland. I know zippo except that it’s called ‘PDX’ for curt (probably past times dorky tourists similar me) in addition to that they are known for their fantastic nutrient trucks in addition to doughnuts, thus why I’ve in all likelihood eaten xix past times the fourth dimension you’ve read this. I know, I consume fast.

But I already acquire the feeling deep inward my breadbasket that I’ll honey it at that spot in addition to desire to motion ASAP. Maybe it’s because I’ve been lazy bird hunting for the past times few weeks, or perchance it’s because I’m sick of Sacramento (a salubrious mixture of both. By the way, ‘lazy bird hunting’ is that affair when you’re likewise broke to motion out but you lot desire to motion out, so you lot browse Zillow in addition to religiously every bit if you’re ready to motion inward adjacent weekend).

Anyway, I’m hither for the Indulge Conference which is a fun niggling nutrient blogging conference inward the city. Basically, we’ll pass the entire fourth dimension chit-chatting in addition to catching up, doing copious amounts of eating, in addition to learning tips & tricks to endure amend bloggers, bakers, nutrient photographers, in addition to shoppers. Well, perchance non the terminal one, but I ever utilisation a novel metropolis every bit an chance to brush upwards on my shopping game, don’t you?

But piece I’m away I’ll endure dreaming nearly seeing my puppies again, sleeping inward my ain bed, in addition to this Chocolate Tres Leches Cake that’s currently inward my fridge.

So the catch came to me when I was browsing on Pinterest in addition to happened to scroll past times my Best-Ever Tres Leches Cake.  That materials is the bomb, you lot guys. I realized how much I loved that cake in addition to that I needed to come upwards up amongst a dissimilar spin on it, in addition to thus the Chocolate version was born.

This starts out the same way every bit the regular Tres Leches Cake but amongst black chocolate fudge cake mix. I honey using black chocolate cake mix because it adds such a richer, to a greater extent than complex chocolate flavour than Devil’s food, but if that’s what you’ve got on hand, past times all agency – your cake volition even so endure edible. KIDDING. It’ll endure DELICIOUS!

Bake it upwards inward your 13×9″ baking pan in addition to allow it cool for a hot infinitesimal (or five). Then poke holes all over the transcend in addition to drizzle on the tres leches purpose of the tres leches cake: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, in addition to heavy cream. (Can you lot listen me groaning?) Let it laid inward the refrigerator for several hours, preferably overnight, to soak inward all those juices in addition to acquire super moist in addition to creamy.

Next, I frosted my cake amongst an Abuelita Whipped Cream. (Say whaaa?) Abuelita is that yellowish bundle of chocolate typically industrial plant life on the Hispanic nutrient aisle amongst the grandma on the front end sipping chocolate mischievously. Anyway, it’s authentic Mexican chocolate in addition to it’s SO good.


  • 1 box black chocolate fudge cake mix (or whatsoever chocolate cake mix), summation ingredients on the dorsum of the box
  • 1 (14 oz) tin give the sack sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 (12 oz) tin give the sack evaporated milk
  • 1 & ¾ cups heavy cream, divided
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ of a disc of Abuelita Chocolate (found inward the Hispanic foods aisle) OR nearly 1 oz chocolate (such every bit Baker's, Ghirardelli, etc)
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • Chocolate shavings or sprinkles, for garnish


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Liberally grease a 13x9" baking pan amongst cooking spray in addition to laid aside.
  2. In a large bowl, ready the cake mix according to bundle directions. Pour into the prepared pan in addition to bake for nearly 20-22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted close the middle comes out construct clean or amongst moist, non wet, crumbs. Cool for nearly 5-10 minutes.
  3. Once cooled for a niggling bit, poke holes over the entire cake using the grip of a wooden spoon or spatula. Meanwhile, inward a medium bowl, whisk together the sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, ¾ loving cup of the heavy cream in addition to the vanilla together until blended. Pour the mixture over the cake, allowing the mixture to fill upwards the holes inward the cake. The mixture may puddle around the edges of the cake; this is okay. Refrigerate the cake for half-dozen hours or overnight.
  4. Once cake has laid inward the fridge, brand your whipped cream. In the bowl of a stand upwards mixer, vanquish the remaining 1 loving cup heavy cream in addition to the Tablespoon of saccharide together on high speed for nearly three minutes or until it has semi-stiff peaks. Grate inward one-half of a disc of the Abuelita chocolate (or nearly 1 oz of whatsoever other type of expert character chocolate, such every bit Baker's, Ghirardelli, etc). Continue beating until strong peaks form.
  5. Spread the whipped cream over the cake inward an fifty-fifty layer. Garnish each piece amongst chocolate shavings/curls, or sprinkles. Store airtight inward the fridge.

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