Eatingwell Unloose Energy Drink

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Here's a refreshing lemony unloosen energy potable recipe to order you lot a caffeine unloosen energy boost when you lot don't desire coffee. It's a double-strength brew of greenish tea addition yerba maté too delivers virtually 135 mg caffeine addition antioxidants. Compared amongst store-bought unloosen energy drinks, this homemade unloosen energy potable recipe saves virtually 150 calories too has less than one-half the sugar. Add an extra-fresh gustation past times garnishing the rim amongst chopped mint. Yerba maté is a tea made from the leaves of a South American tree. Look for it amongst other tea inward the natural-foods department of large supermarkets or natural-foods stores.

Ingredients i serving

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i loving cup boiling water2 greenish tea bags
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i yerba maté tea bag1½ tablespoons agave, dear or sugar2 tablespoons lemon juiceIce cubesChopped fresh mint (optional)
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