Fresh Kokosnoot Dream Cake

I’m hence excited to live able to portion this Fresh Coconut Dream Cake amongst you. I had many ideas for the yell of this cake (coconut avalanche cake, kokosnoot best cake ever, kokosnoot cake of my dreams…) but decided on Fresh Coconut Dream Cake because this cake is what I dream of when I mean value of coconut.

I’m gonna say yous a niggling tube close me, I similar kokosnoot but I don’t dear coconut. My mom ever tells the even out of how she craved fresh kokosnoot when she was important amongst me, I don’t mean value she ever lost the craving, it’s yet her favorite. As a child I didn’t similar kokosnoot as well as every bit I got into my thirties I started to solely similar it.

But as well as hence this cake came along, this amazing, fresh, creamy, dreamy, melt inwards your oral cavity cake as well as everything changed. It all started when I stumbled upon a nutrient article from a author at Vogue. The author explained that he didn’t much tending for cake (I can’t imagine). One nighttime he was at dinner amongst friends as well as they all shared a slice of cake (this kokosnoot cake) as well as he was inwards love. After calling the chef numerous times he got the recipe, it was from Chef Prudhommes Family Cookbook.

The cookbook is an oldie hence I ordered it online used for $0.10 (shipping was $5, lol). To my heartbreak as well as dismay in that place were no pictures, a produce mass amongst no pictures, should I repeat it again, no pictures. Putting that aside I right away larn to the kokosnoot cake recipe. To live honest I was thinking, “thank goodness I solely paid $0.10 for this book”, non solely were in that place no pictures but the recipe was multi step. On fall out of that it called for fresh coconut! What?! Not only fresh kokosnoot but cups of fresh minced kokosnoot meat. You hateful I pick out to operate out the ability tools, drill as well as hammer only to opened upward coconuts as well as and hence pare the kokosnoot meat out, which if you’ve never done this it’s a challenge. I don’t fifty-fifty dear coconut….

Curiousity got the best of me. I reserved the kokosnoot water, cutting out the fresh kokosnoot meat amongst solely a few scratches, minced it. Then proceeded amongst the steps for each component. Each role tasted practiced on it’s ain but I yet wasn’t convinced but I was inwards it this far I had to maintain going. I assembled the cake per the instructions as well as allow it sit down until dinner that nighttime when I was having menage unit of measurement over.


  • 2 cups minced kokosnoot meat
  • 1¼ loving cup heavy cream
  • 1 stick butter (or 8 Tbsps)
  • ¾ loving cup sugar
  • ½ Tbsp cornstarch
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1½ loving cup kokosnoot water
  • ⅓ loving cup sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • CAKE:
  • 3 cups all role flour
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 large eggs
  • 2½ sticks butter (or 1¼ cups)
  • 1 loving cup evaporated milk
  • 2 Tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1- 8 oz pkg Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups kokosnoot flakes (optional)


  2. In sauce pan, oestrus together cream, carbohydrate as well as butter over medium oestrus until boiling, stir often.
  3. Add minced coconut, stirring constantly, produce xv minutes until mixture reduces.
  4. Remove from oestrus as well as stir inwards cornstarch. Place pan on high heat, convey to a boil, stir constantly.
  5. Add inwards vanilla, maintain to produce as well as stir close 1 minute.
  6. Remove from heat, cool slightly, as well as hence chill inwards fridge until good chilled.
  7. Cover amongst plastic wrap, laying it on filling.
  8. *NOTE: Filling may decrease inwards mass every bit it cools.
  10. In sauce pan add together kokosnoot water, carbohydrate as well as vanilla. Bring to a boil over high heat.
  11. Continue boiling until reduced to 1 cup, close v minutes.
  12. Remove from oestrus as well as cool.
  13. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  14. CAKE:
  15. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare 2- vii inch cake pans.
  16. Oil pans, lay parchment inwards the bottom of each as well as stone oil as well as flour parchment as well as sides.
  17. *Note: measure ix inch pans tin live used but the cake volition non live every bit tall, suit baking fourth dimension every bit needed.
  18. In medium bowl sift flour, baking pulverization as well as salt. Set aside.
  19. In large bowl of electrical mixer combine carbohydrate as well as eggs, rhythm out on depression speed until smooth. Scrape sides of bowl amongst spatula.
  20. Add butter, rhythm out on depression until mixture is creamy as well as low-cal colored, close three minutes.
  21. Beat inwards milk as well as vanilla.
  22. Gradually add together inwards the flour mixture, close 1 loving cup at a time, beating later each add-on only until polish as well as pushing sides downwardly amongst spatula every bit needed.
  23. Beat on high speed ane minute, scraping downwardly the sides amongst spatula every bit needed.
  24. Pour evenly into prepared pans.
  25. Bake at 350 degrees for 55-60 minutes, until toothpick inserted inwards centre comes out clean.
  27. In large bowl of mixer mix together cream cheese, butter as well as vanilla until creamed as well as good blended, close 2 minutes.
  28. Gradually add together inwards the powdered carbohydrate ½ loving cup at a fourth dimension as well as rhythm out good later each addition. Once all the carbohydrate is added blend for a infinitesimal to brand certain all is mixed well.
  30. If needed cutting off whatever mounded cake tops. If cake browned on edges that tin live cutting off to.
  31. Take cakes as well as cutting horizontally to yield a total of 4 cake layers.
  32. Poke each layer amongst a fork as well as amongst a pastry brush generously brush amongst the kokosnoot syrup.
  33. Start yesteryear putting first/bottom layer on cake board or plate, kokosnoot syrup side up.
  34. Spoon generous sum of kokosnoot filling as well as spread evenly, maintain a ¼ inch border complimentary of filling every bit it volition spread a niggling on its ain when yous add together the side yesteryear side layers. Repeat amongst layers 2 &3.
  35. Add the 4th layer of cake, kokosnoot syrup side down.
  36. Coat entire cake inwards cream cheese frosting, spell frosting is yet wet press inwards flaked kokosnoot (optional).
  37. Let sit down inwards cool house until ready to serve.

* For extracting the kokosnoot water, I took a drill amongst build clean drill fight as well as drilled into 2 eyes of the kokosnoot as well as poured over glass.
* To opened upward kokosnoot I bought the slow cleft ones that are perforated as well as hitting amongst hammer per instructions until it cracked.
*To extract the kokosnoot meat I used a small-scale paring knife (very carefully). I scored the meat as well as slid knife as well as separated from shell, I as well as hence took vegetable peeler to take away sparse shell lining.
*To mince the meat yous tin cutting finely yesteryear paw or work nutrient processor.
*Cake - this cake recipe provides a theatre cake which tin handgrip the weight of the syrup as well as filling layers nicely.
* yous tin work ix inwards pans but cake volition non live every bit high, suit baking fourth dimension accordingly.
* Assembly tin live messy but thats ok.
*This cake tastes swell the 2nd 24-hour interval if non ameliorate every bit the cake layers soften from the wet of the syrup as well as kokosnoot filling.
*Coconut filling volition yet live a fight runny, it volition thicken when cooked but volition non live really thick itself. This is normal.

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