Lemon Chicken Pasta

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I oft uncovering myself scouring the pantry inwards the afternoon trying to figure out what to brand for dinner. Please say me I’m non the alone one, lol. I practise acknowledge in that place possess got been times we’ve had cereal, as well as that’s okay inwards my books. BUT, If I possess got fourth dimension as well as possess got been organized that calendar week I actually similar to brand a overnice repast for my family. I unremarkably uncovering something alongside chicken (and/or pasta) as well as run alongside it, because y'all actually can’t larn incorrect alongside those, right??

Today’s recipe for Lemon Chicken Pasta is i my mom constitute as well as tried several months ago. She couldn’t recollect if she had constitute it online or inwards a magazine, simply she tried it, as well as it was a hit! The whole solid unit of measurement loved it (my fam pretty much loves whatsoever chicken as well as pasta recipe – give thank y'all heavens!). The chicken was super tender as well as the sauce made it fifty-fifty ameliorate (sauces that telephone band for whipping cream are ALWAYS good!)

What makes this dish as well as then flavorful?
There are several ingredients inwards this recipe that larn far amazing. Of course, it has pasta. We used penne simply it tin live on made alongside whatsoever sort of pasta. Chicken is ever nifty alongside whatsoever pasta dish, simply the butter, lemons, whipping cream as well as one-half & one-half accept it to a whole novel level. To add together fifty-fifty to a greater extent than flavor nosotros volition operate either Garlic Pepper or Garlic Salt to season. To overstep it all off grated Parmesan cheese as well as fresh chopped basil  on overstep brand this dish fifty-fifty to a greater extent than mouth-watering.

To add together fifty-fifty to a greater extent than flavor, y'all could add together the next to this dish:

Shaved Parmesan instead of grated Parmesan
Veggies – similar cherry tomatoes, broccoli or fifty-fifty asparagus
Fresh mash lemon on top


  • 4 grilled chicken pectus sliced
  • 1 pound cooked penne
  • ½ stick butter
  • 1-2 whole lemons (depending on how much lemon y'all wish inwards it - I operate alone 1)
  • ¾ cups whipping cream
  • ¼ loving cup Half & Half
  • ½ loving cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • salt as well as pepper to taste
  • ½ loving cup fresh basil leaves, chopped


  1. Cook pasta equally directed on box. Reserve i loving cup water, gear upwardly pasta aside.
  2. In same pot, melt butter over medium heat. Squeeze inwards juice of lemon(s) as well as whisk together.
  3. Pour one-half & one-half as well as cream together as well as whisk until hot. Dump inwards cheese as well as whisk until melted. Add tabular array salt pepper to taste
  4. Check consistency as well as add together hot pasta H2O until y'all attain your desired thickness. Stir inwards one-half of your basil.
  5. Pour pasta as well as sauce into a large bowl. Add chicken, sprinkle remaining basil on top. ENJOY alongside or as well as then garlic bread. Yum!

thank y'all done part recipes to : https://lilluna.com/lemon-chicken-pasta/
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