Mint Limeade Mocktail Drink

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Limeade is a delicious thirst quencher. Adding mint leaves to the gulp makes it extra refreshing. This lite too fresh mocktail is like to a mojito- merely is made without alcohol.

Mint Limeade Mocktail Recipe
half dozen fresh mint leaves
one ounce unproblematic syrup
one ounce fresh lime juice
half dozen ounces mutual frigidness water
Lime slices

Add mint too unproblematic syrup to glass; gently intermission upwards mint alongside muddler or spoon. Add lime juice. Fill drinking glass alongside ice. Top alongside water; stir. Garnish alongside lime slices.

Makes one drink

To brand Sparkling Mint Limeade, purpose chilled lodge soda inwards identify of the water.

What is unproblematic syrup? Simple syrup is one business office granulated saccharide dissolved inwards one business office water.

Recipe Link:
Homemade Lemonade
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