No-Bake S’Mores Bars

You know summertime is hither when the grocery stores reserve an entire corner island to display the irresistible as well as classic trio; chocolate-marshmallow-graham crackers!

Chocolate, marshmallow as well as graham crackers are the components of ane of the well-nigh indulging treats as well as classic summertime dessert -S’MORES. These tasty treats were originally called “Some Mores,” as well as afterward on shortened to “S’mores” yet records exhibit that Girl Scout publications dated prior 1971 used the longer name.

If y'all never tried S’mores, select grip of a stick as well as bring together the describe of piece of job because y'all are inwards for a treat!

Why Should You Make No-Bake S’mores
Inspired yesteryear the classic s’mores recipe, I made these delicious no-bake s’mores bars which requires no sticks or burn -and are excuses-free, inwards representative those “technical difficulties” come upwards up to jeopardize your plans (such every bit rain, out of woods or Mommy can’t brand a fire). Simply brand these slow no-bake s’mores bars (or bark, they intermission easily!) as well as taste on a sweetness summertime night!

Why Should You Make Baked S’mores
But inwards representative y'all are all out of marshmallow fluff I accept an alternative method that is really easy, quick as well as only every bit delicious. This method involves baking the crackers, or the ultimate hack is to purchase a graham cracker pie crust as well as totally skip this step. Then y'all bake the marshmallow as well as chocolate to ooey gooey perfection!!

ix pieces graham crackers, crumbs
half-dozen tbsp unsalted butter, melted
ix oz chocolate (of choice) melted
1 loving cup marshmallow cream/ fluff (sub amongst 24 marshmallows if using baking method)


Place the graham crackers inwards a large ziplock as well as blast them into fine crumbs using a heavy object (roller, servings spoon, or such). It helps to house the pocketbook on a layered mitt towel to absorb the impact. Transfer crackers to a medium bowl, add together butter as well as mix amongst a fork until uniform. Reserve 1 tbsp of the graham cracker crumb.

Transfer graham crackers to a 9x5 loaf pan amongst filled parchment newspaper on all sides. Press crackers downward using the dorsum of a glass.

Spread a generous layer of marshmallow cream over the cracker mixture.

Top amongst a generous layer of melted chocolate. Spread to encompass marshmallow layer. Sprinkle reserved graham cracker crumb over.

Freeze for thirty minutes, as well as then transfer to fridge. Keep refrigerated

Pre-heat oven to 350F degrees. Follow pace 1 as well as 2. Bake crackers for 8 minutes. Transfer to a cooling rack until cooled. (leave oven on!)

Place marshmallows on top of the baked graham crackers, following leaving trivial to no gap inwards betwixt each marshmallow (see picture)

Top amongst a generous layer of melted chocolate. Spread to encompass marshmallow layer. Sprinkle reserved graham cracker crumb over. Bake for 10-12 minutes to permit the marshmallow to melt. Transfer to a cooling rack.

When the backed s’mores are cooled, transfer to the freezer for thirty minutes earlier cutting into bars. Keep dessert refrigerated

Recipe Notes
Based on hundreds of feedback I decided to brand an alternative baked option. Both methods give y'all the same results. When y'all while the bars, the graham crackers volition piece of job crumby but y'all should yet accept a venture cracker layer.
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