Quenching Your Thirst Inwards The Tropic


We left our comfortable air-conditioned auto as well as entered a large corrugated shed that houses the Orchard View Yong Tau Foo Restaurant inwards Kuala Lumpur on a recent hot sunny afternoon. Although the shed is open-sided it sits betwixt 2 like restaurants as well as hence at that topographic point is no cross breeze to utter of. By the fourth dimension nosotros were seated I was already drenched amongst sweat. I couldn’t await to companionship 1 of the H2O ice mutual frigidness drinks that ever starting fourth dimension a repast inwards restaurants throughout Malaysia as well as Singapore.
Grass Jelly Drink (ไป™่‰)Makes 1 serving
4 ozs. grass jelly (fresh or canned)
3 ozs. H2O or soybean milk
Enough crushed H2O ice to exceed off a glass
simple saccharide syrup or saccharide to taste
Cut the grass jelly into sparse strips or chop into pocket-sized pieces. Put inwards a drinking glass as well as add together H2O as well as ice. Sweeten the potable amongst a uncomplicated syrup made from saccharide as well as water. Serve icy cold.
As an choice soybean milk tin hand notice move substituted for the water.

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