Sandra’S Delicious Cream Puffs

Hard to believe that it is already June! The schoolhouse twelvemonth is coming to a unopen as well as the glory days of summertime are speedily approaching! I’m thrilled to innovate yous to Sandra of Sandra’s Easy Cooking equally this month’s Top Mom. Many of yous in all likelihood know Sandra from the comments she leaves on your posts. She tirelessly visits countless blogs inwards back upward of her swain foodies as well as her liberate energy as well as positivity seems to get got no bounds.

Sandra has worked inwards all the areas she dreamed of:  photography, fashion design, chef, artist, as well as teacher. Twelve years agone she met her hubby as well as roughshod straight off inwards dear as well as she’s to a greater extent than inwards ♥love♥ than e'er afterward eleven years of marriage! She considers beingness able to remain at domicile alongside their iii children to move the greatest gift she could e'er receive.

When I discovered that Sandra came to the United States from Yugoslavia, I asked her if at that topographic point was a exceptional dish that her mom used to brand that she could part here. We’re then lucky that ane of the things that Sandra fondly remembers from her childhood are cream puffs :-),  which she but of late learned to make! So here’s a gift from Sandra’s kitchen to yours!


two cups of skim milk

1 stick of unsalted butter

two cups of all piece of work flour

1 Tbs. of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

8 eggs


Bring milk, butter, saccharide as well as tabular array salt to boil

Put the flour all at once(with baking powder) as well as mix rapidly until the dough create as well as it forms a ball

Turn off the oestrus as well as permit the dough cool downwardly a fighting (I waited for v minutes)

Mix eggs inwards the bowl as well as pour but a footling at the time, mixing equally difficult equally yous tin alongside your wooden spoon. It is existent workout but to permit yous know.. honestly adjacent fourth dimension I volition work electrical mixer!:))

When all the eggs are incorporated position it on the side.

Preheat the oven to 375 F

Use spoon or Head/neck: circular subway scheme alongside 1/5 inch

Body: circular subway scheme (2/5 inch) to force them out inwards a un-greased baking pan.

Spray the puff shells alongside water. The puff shells volition cease growing equally presently equally the surface turns dry out (and crunchy). Therefore, when spraying the puff shells alongside water, it takes to a greater extent than fourth dimension earlier they plough dry out as well as they grow bigger inwards the oven.

Bake but DO NOT OPEN the oven for the adjacent xxx minutes +20 min. to dry.

The xx minutes are needed to dry out the surface of the puff shells as well as acquire far to a greater extent than crunchy. Otherwise, it is besides soft. The puff shells expect good done afterward xxx minutes already… that’s normal. I permit them balance inwards the turned off oven for xx minutes as well as than 10 to a greater extent than minutes out of the oven.

Cut them as well as fill upward when they are cooled downwardly or similar did hither but insert pastry handbag to pipage the filling on the bottom of the cream puff shell.

For the filling:

Mix 3 cups of mutual coldness skim milk(fat free) alongside large vanilla pudding, almost two minutes until it forms. Add four Tbs. Of Whipped Cream as well as combine good but yesteryear folding.

Put it inwards the fridge!

*I added 1 teaspoon of the fatty costless whipped cream on transcend of the pudding, but it optional. Also yous tin toss but about powdered saccharide or chocolate rind on top.

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