Strawberry Colada Smoothie

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It’s summertime hence nosotros should all hold upward drinking equally many smoothies equally nosotros tin right? I retrieve it is the best fourth dimension of twelvemonth for smoothies because there’s such an abundance of expert fresh fruit, too ameliorate yet, at groovy prices. I merely bought four lbs of blueberries for $5 yesterday, epic I know. For these I bought whole fresh pineapple for .99 cents hence merely peeled too chopped them too froze inward bags for later. I dearest getting expert deals on food, ever convey ever volition – because that merely way purchase to a greater extent than nutrient correct :)? You should encounter the cereal stash at my house, it gets a piddling crazy sometimes.
Strawberry Colada Smoothie

8 oz fresh strawberries , chilled, hulled
i ripe banana , peeled too frozen
i 1/2 cups frozen pineapple
i (5.3 oz) container kokosnoot Greek yogurt
i 1/4 - i 1/2 cups unsweetened kokosnoot milk imbibe (the variety flora inward the dairy isle)*


  1. Pulse strawberries inward a nutrient processor until good pureed.
  2. To a blender add together banana, pineapple, kokosnoot Greek yogurt too i 1/4 cups kokosnoot milk. Pulse until good blended, adding an additional 1/4 loving cup kokosnoot milk equally needed.
  3. Spoon pineapple mixture into spectacles filling near 1/3 total hence add together a spoonful or 2 of the strawberry mixture, swirl lightly amongst a butter knife hence repeat twice more. Serve immediately.
  4. Alternately, all ingredients tin hold upward blended together inward a blender versus processing strawberries separately.
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