Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

Good Morning! I am enjoying a morning time inwards my robe as well as sometimes, it merely feels skillful to create that. Weekend are merely as well as then wonderful, aren’t they? I am focusing on eating well for yous this twelvemonth as well as then this morning time I am changing it upwards amongst a breakfast smoothie. So much flavour as well as yous tin instruct inwards in minutes!

I am a big fan of smoothies equally a repast or a snack. They are a nifty means to instruct your fruits as well as vegetables inwards a flavor-packed potable as well as they sense of savour great! They also are nifty to brand for on the go, or when yous postulate a quick kickoff to the day. This Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie Recipe is ane of my favorite blends as well as I am sharing the slow recipe today.

I enjoyed mine this weekend piece working on my goals for the year. I merely honey the fresh kickoff that comes amongst a novel twelvemonth as well as afterward the vacation break, I genuinely create experience energized as well as refreshed. Of course, that feeling doesn’t e'er concluding long, but as well as then far, as well as then good.

One of my goals is to lose a few pounds as well as then this smoothie is meant to supplant unopen to of those breakfasts.If yous honey smoothies that genuinely sense of savour a fleck sugariness (but non besides sweet) as well as fruity, yous volition honey this recipe. It is also a vegan Pineapple smoothie since in that place is no yogurt inwards it.


  • 1 loving cup H2O ice cubes
  • 1 loving cup pineapple chungs
  • 10-12 strawberries

Remove stems from strawberries.

Wash fruit thoroughly.

Place ice, pineapple as well as strawberries inwards blender.

Blend close thirty seconds at high speed.

Pour into spectacles as well as enjoy! Serves 2.

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