Strawberry Sangria Recipe

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Each summertime they willingly cross the Mason Dixon line, trekking due north nearly 1200 miles to assist us run an Explorer Camp for children inwards Manchester. Well they don’t just trek. Some fly. Some drive. And the ones that crusade carry the crimson rat snake. Yep, no lie. They convey a 3 pes long crimson rat serpent (and her good for you lot mouse appetite) along every year.

The serpent is business office of the nature exploration sense at camp. All twelvemonth long the squad fundraises to come upward together with serve hither — together with the crimson rat snake, she fundraises too. Has a sign on her cage that reads: “Help mail a serpent to camp. Donate today.”

So I heard through the grapevine that 2 southern girlfriends on the squad were having birthdays during the army camp week, both on the same solar daytime hear you. And 1 was turning 40. Yep, she’s upward hither serving on a missions squad inwards New Hampshire (with a reptile no less) on her 40th birthday.

So I made a large ‘ol pitcher of this Strawberry Sangria. (The recipe from my fun Cali cousin who ever throws a terrific party.)

Invited all the women (minus the snake), lit the backyard torches, stoked the burn pit together with cranked upward the volume. We gathered on the patio at dusk for practiced times together with H2O ice mutual frigidness spectacles of this delicious, fruity sangria.

Not everyone had met yet, together with thus nosotros circled the tabular array for brief introductions. Introductions together with our most embarrassing moment. Yeah, together with thus whose persuasion was that anyway?

Certainly non mine. But 1 of the birthday girls mentioned it, together with thus persuasion nosotros should oblige. And wow — what a dynamite mixer topic that turned out to be, consummate amongst thick northern accents, southern drawl, together with funny women spilling hilarious secrets to a greater extent than or less the circle.

One girl’s bathing conform clasp had “failed” at the beach. Oops. Then inwards high school, equally a freshman, some other daughter had tripped caput over heels downward a brick staircase at school, flailed for a helping manus on the agency down. It happened to move a senior guy she grabbed onto. The 1 she had a massive compaction on. The 1 that was standing inwards a large grouping talking amongst all his friends. Down the stairs they went, together with she landed foursquare on transcend of him at the bottom. Yeah. Talk nearly embarrassing moment.

One tale started…”Ummm… my most embarrassing moment: discovering nosotros accidentally neutered somebody else’s dog…” Yeah? So that was quite a story. How just does 1 accidentally neuter somebody else’s dog? And pray tell how does 1 unload that fragile information on the domestic dog possessor afterwards the fact? Guess you lot had to move there.

So you lot tin totally run across where this is going. Oh. My. Word. Some upper-case missive of the alphabet C crazy stories to a greater extent than or less that fire, some of which I’d move unable to part here. (As in, what happens inwards Manchvegas, stays inwards Manchvegas.)

It was a nighttime of birthday daughter fun, laughs together with hilarity past times burn glow. And truth move told, the southern women shell us northern ones hands downward inwards the story-telling department. Just sayin’.

So equally good the stories, nosotros thoroughly enjoyed this Strawberry Sangria. It’s the perfect sip for all the puddle together with patio parties this summer. Makes a generous 2 together with a one-half gallons, together with thus invite all your friends. (And their friends too.)

Here’s a few tips for making the perfect sangria:

Freeze some H2O ice cube trays of sangria ahead of fourth dimension to proceed the pitcher mutual frigidness without dilution.
This recipe makes 2 1/2 gallons for a large crowd, together with thus you’ll involve several large pitchers or a rattling large sip dispenser.
This recipe halves easily if needed.
Use fresh, ripe fruit for the sweetest sangria.
Start the nighttime earlier together with thus the fruit has fourth dimension to macerate.
Enjoy the sangria, together with do tell if you’ve got a most embarrassing minute to share… (PG please! My nieces read this blog. 🙂 )


  • 2 magnum bottles merlot
  • (a 1.5 magnum bottle is equal to 2 touchstone 750 ML bottles)
  • 1 - 375 ML bottle of Brandy
  • 1- 750 ML bottle of Triple Sec
  • 2 liter bottle of gingerale
  • 1 tin frozen lemonade or limeade
  • 1 quart sliced fresh strawberries
  • 2-3 sliced oranges
  • 2-3 sliced lemons or limes


  1. Combine merlot, brandy together with triple s inwards rattling large container.
  2. Add cutting upward fruit to mixture.
  3. Let sit down overnight.
  4. An hr earlier serving, add together gingerale together with frozen lemonade.
  5. Stir to combine.


Freeze sangria inwards H2O ice cube trays to chill the sangria without dilution. Start the nighttime earlier for best results. This recipe easily halves.

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