Turtle Ritz Cookies

I persuasion these Turtle Cookies were going to live a quick as well as slowly recipe success. The get-go fourth dimension I made them, I used dulce de leche from a can. They were slowly to make, they tasted delicious as well as the pictures turned out great.

But the adjacent morning time when I saw the cookies, the chocolate coating had cracked on all of them! So, I tried in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than as well as in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than until I persuasion near moving on from this recipe idea, but decided I was going to notice a agency to become far work…no.matter.what

And I succeeded, thence today I am lastly sharing my recipe for Turtle Sandwich Cookies using Ritz crackers.


  • 12 caramels, I used Kraft
  • 2 tsp heavy whipping cream
  • 22 Ritz crackers
  • 4 squares chocolate almond bark
  • 1/3 loving cup chopped pecans
  • Optional: whole pecans, bounding main salt


  1. Place caramels as well as whipping cream inward a microwave prophylactic bowl. Microwave for thirty seconds as well as and then stir. Microwave for an additional xv seconds as well as stir. Continue heating as well as stirring at 15-second intervals until smooth. Watch carefully thence that the caramel sauce doesn’t boil over or burn.
  2. Allow the sauce to cool as well as thicken, at room temperature, for near 8-10 minutes, stirring ofttimes to move along it smooth.
  3. Plop near 1 teaspoon of the caramel inward the pump of xi Ritz crackers.
  4. Top each amongst simply about other cracker as well as squish the caramel thence that it spreads out.
  5. Place the caramel sandwiches inward the refrigerator for an lx minutes for the caramel to harden.
  6. Melt chocolate almond bark inward the microwave as well as dip the sandwich cookies inward the chocolate.
  7. Place them on a silicone mat or a slice of parchment paper. Sprinkle amongst chopped pecans.
  8. Allow the chocolate to ready as well as harden at room temperature.
  9. Store inward a sealed container inward the fridge.
  10. Optional: Use whole pecans instead of chopped pecans. Sprinkle amongst bounding main salt, if desired.

for consummate method delight clikck : https://www.thegunnysack.com/turtle-cookies-caramel-filled-ritz-sandwiches/
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