Vegan Sugariness Irish Gaelic Patato Tortillas | Ii Ingredients, Oil-Free

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Do you lot similar sugariness potato? I personally dear it, as well as I get got a lot of fun incorporating it inwards dissimilar recipes.

Making your ain tortillas is real tardily as well as I highly recommend you lot to endeavor it if you lot are used to buying industrial tortillas. This recipe has travel i of our favourites as well as I maintain re-making it 🙂

Now, making your ain tortillas does get got to a greater extent than fourth dimension than buying them, but honestly it is SO worth it inwards price of sense of savor as well as health. These tortillas sense of savor only equally skillful – if non better! – equally the store-bought ones as well as are amazingly soft.


  • 150 g sugariness potato, mashed
  • 130 g all-purpose flour


  1. To a mixing bowl, add together the mashed sugariness white patato as well as the flour as well as stir until well-combined. Use your hands to shape a dough ball. It should non last likewise sticky.
  2. Separate the dough ball into five equal parts. Dust your working surface alongside flour as well as curl out each tortilla alongside a rolling pivot (they should last to a greater extent than or less 1/2 cm thick). Don't brand them likewise thin, otherwise they won't last equally soft as well as flexible.
  3. ...............

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