3 Element Slow Mo Pot Dump Cake Recipe

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This three gene tardily Instant Pot dump cake is delicious together with tin laissez passer on the sack survive made alongside whatsoever fruit filling! Just dump it inward alongside cake mix together with overstep alongside H2O ice cream when it’s done. The perfect piddling pressure level cooker dessert you’re whole household unit of measurement volition enjoy.

Servings: 6


2 c cake mix (any flavour yous like)
1 tin laissez passer on the sack pie filling (we used apple)
3 tbsp butter


  1. Melt your butter together with add together to a bowl alongside your cake mix. 
  2. Stir until combined but it volition however survive a flake clumpy.
  3. Pour your tin laissez passer on the sack of pie filling into your bowl alongside your cake mix "batter" together with mix until combined.
  4. Pour your cake mixture into your pot together with comprehend alongside foil. Pour ii c of H2O into your Instant Pot together with lower your cake mix filled pot on to a trivet.
  5. Visit Instant Pot Dump Cake @ temeculablogs.com for sum instructions.
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