Ham In Addition To Cheese Twists Recipe



1 (11 oz) tin laissez passer notice of Pillsbury French Bread Crusty French Loaf dough
6 oz sliced deli ham (I used Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin Honey Ham)
4-6 teaspoons mustard, to gustation (I used yellowish mustard because I dearest it, exactly experience costless to purpose a unlike kind)
3 oz (3/4 cup) shredded 2% Sharp Cheddar cheese

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350. Mist a baking canvass amongst cooking spray together with laid aside.
  2. Unpackage the breadstuff dough onto a cutting board together with await for the seam inward the dough roll. Unroll the dough starting at the seam until you lot bring a apartment rectangle of dough. The dough should hold upwards close 11”x15”, if non you lot tin laissez passer notice purpose a rolling pivot to arrive to a greater extent than of an fifty-fifty rectangle. Using a pizza cutter or a knife, acre the dough rectangle downwards the middle along the longer side to brand 2 long rectangles (about 5.5”x15” each). Layer the sliced ham across the surface of i of the dough rectangles. Spread the mustard over overstep of the ham together with thus overstep past times sprinkling the shredded cheddar over the mustard. Place the other dough rectangle over overstep of the ham together with cheese together with purpose your fingers to press the overstep layer of dough together with bottom layer of dough together along all the edges.
  3. Using a pizza cutter or knife, acre the loaf into 12 fifty-fifty strips. One at a time, stand upwards for the cease of each strip together with twist inward contrary directions to shape twists together with thus lay them on the prepared baking sheet. Once all pieces are twisted together with on the baking sheet, transfer them to the oven together with bake for 23-28 minutes until the dough is golden.

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