Prosciutto Wrapped Pears Alongside Bluish Cheese


2 ripe pears, cored together with sliced
3-4 ounce parcel prosciutto
2 ounce wedge of bluish cheese or gorgonzola, cutting into rectangular slices to house against the pear slices

  1. Cut the slices of prosciutto inwards one-half lengthwise.
  2. Place a land of the bluish cheese against the apartment sliced side of the pear.
  3. Wrap i of the strips of prosciutto to a greater extent than or less the pear together with bluish cheese together with house a toothpick or appetizer skewer through the centre of it.
  4. Serve at nowadays or encompass together with refrigerate until hit to serve.

  • If yous don't conception to serve immediately, rub the pears amongst a piddling chip of fresh lemon juice to forestall them from turning brown.
  • This appetizer is best eaten the hateful solar daytime it is made.

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