The Best Homemade Pretzel Breadstuff Recipe

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The BEST Homemade Pretzel Bread recipe ever. Seriously, in ane trial you lot brand this you lot volition never last able to consume store-bought pretzel breadstuff again! It’s dense, soft, chewy, buttery, salty too oh-so-delicious.

Servings ii loaves (or 8 buns)


2 ¼ tsp yeast
1 loving cup warm H2O 105-110 degrees F
2 TBS whole milk
3 TBS chocolate-brown sugar
4 TBS butter melted
1 tsp salt
3 cups all-purpose flour
4 quarts water
½ loving cup baking soda
Kosher common salt to taste
2 TBS butter melted
1-2 TBS coarse bounding main salt


  1. Combine yeast, water, too chocolate-brown saccharide inwards the bowl of your standing mixer fitted amongst the dough hook. Let correspond five minutes (until foamy).
  2. While yeast is proofing…melt butter inwards a microwave-safe bowl. Mix inwards milk too educate aside.
  3. Once yeast is proofed, add together milk/butter to yeast mixture too mix on depression speed amongst dough claw until simply combined.
  4. Add common salt too flour too mix amongst dough claw until flour is fully incorporated.
  5. Knead inwards your mixer until the dough forms a slightly tacky, but theatre ball, you lot may require to add together a petty to a greater extent than flour 1 TBS at a time, but last careful, you lot desire your dough a petty tacky but non likewise mucilaginous to handle.
  6. Oil a large bowl, house the dough ball inwards the bowl, too comprehend amongst a damp towel inwards a warm house to allow rising for ane hr or until doubled inwards size.
  7. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F too choose the iv quarts of H2O to a boil. When the H2O is boiling, piece of cake add together the baking soda (Be careful or you lot volition choose a baking soda/water explosion)!
  8. Remove the dough from the bowl too gently press out the air bubbles.
  9. Visit Homemade Pretzel Bread @ for amount instructions.
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