2012 Recap

As the yr comes to an end, I'd see I'd own got a 2nd to recap what's been happening hither at  in 2012, including a spotlight on some of my most-popular posts.  And, I see some of yous may appreciate hearing a fleck of the dorsum story surrounding too taking a piffling peek at some of my "flops too failures."

I started this spider web log inward June of 2012 afterwards creating too edifice a spider web log on a dissimilar hosting site for many months.  I wasn't pleased alongside some of the limitations on the other site too decided to convert everything over to Blogger inward June.  I simply celebrated my six-month "anniversary" hither too am excited at how far the spider web log has come since my initial post.

Blogging came really naturally to me.  And, it has been a perfect fit.  The terminal of our 5 children started kindergarten this year, hence blogging has given me something to occupy my fourth dimension while providing me an avenue to pursue something I am passionate most - nutrient too identify unit of measurement life.

I had come upward to sympathize through much enquiry that edifice too growing a spider web log - of whatsoever sort - takes much patience too lots of time.  It doesn't tumble out overnight.  Things were going along at a slow, but consistent mensuration from June through October.  Around the outset of October, I posted a recipe for Roasted Ranch Potatoes alongside Bacon too Cheese.  Up until that point, had seen simply over 10,000 visitors total inward the few months since my maiden of all post.  Almost instantly, things changed really quickly.  Within the maiden of all calendar month or 2 of the post, the roasted potatoes recipe had over 200,000 hits!  Still to this day, it is pinned, shared too visited thousands of fourth dimension each week.  It drew in many novel readers to the spider web log ... many of whom proceed to frequent JD on a regular basis. 

By the way, it is a scrumptious looking dish, isn't it?


In the midst of my successes inward the kitchen acre working on spider web log recipes, at that spot own got been many failures.  Some recipes never "make the cut" too are notwithstanding sitting inward my drafts folder hither on Blogger for possible revisions too "do-overs."

Prime example:  "Pull-Bread" recipes tin hold upward institute all over Pinterest too many nutrient blogs correct now.  Here is a beautiful version of an apple tree cinnamon i from Java Cupcake.  Isn't it gorgeous?

And, hither is my attempt.  Nailed it, huh?  (Hold your applause!)

Then, at that spot was the fourth dimension I was trying to brand Seafoam Candy.  My first go-round went awry when I used the incorrect ingredient.  Yes, folks, at that spot is quite a deviation inward baking soda versus baking powder!

Of course, I've learned some lessons when it comes to nutrient photography, too.  While I notwithstanding own got a long agency to acquire (and notwithstanding waiting to hold upward able to buy the photographic television set camera of my dreams), I did larn the difficult agency non to own got pics of nutrient inward orangish bowls!  Doesn't this simply pierce your tender eyeballs?

I give thank yous God that I own got children too a married adult man who are patient.  They volition say yous that they oftentimes consume meals lukewarm (or fifty-fifty cold) because getting the correct photograph of a dish tin own got lots of fourth dimension too many, many "takes."  My children know that when I'm taking nutrient pics too I yell their name, it's in all probability because I demand someone to concur the backdrop or a calorie-free at a sure enough angle.  And, my hubby knows at nowadays that simply because he may reckon me describe a dish out of the oven too declare that dinner is done, it's in all probability gonna hold upward some other 10 - xv minutes earlier nosotros consume because I own got to phase too own got pictures.  Lots of them. 

Here is an instance of just twenty-five of the fifty-plus photos taken for my Ultimate Overnight Cinnamon Rolls.  I commonly own got 50 - threescore photos of each recipe, but role less than a handful of them.  Thankfully, computers own got a recycle bin!

Although my spider web log is by too large centered simply about nutrient too recipes, the posts most parties too projects own got been pretty popular, too.  My 2 most-popular political party posts were my Lego Party too Lalaloopsy Party
What has surprised me most most blogging is the people I've come upward to know too "meet."  I greatly appreciate too cherish the connections I've made.  I've had wonderful experiences alongside beau nutrient bloggers.  So many of them percentage their noesis of what industrial plant too what doesn't hence willingly to those of us who are pretty novel to the blogging world.  They offering tutorials too respond questions hence freely.  And, too hence at that spot are the readers ... those of yous who own got asked questions, given feedback, made suggestions, shared posts alongside everyone inward your ain circles too most of all, opened upward most your ain life to me.  I give thank yous you from the bottom of my pump for beingness hence generous, sort too giving.  Whether it hold upward through contact hither on the spider web log or through other channels like, email, Facebook or Pinterest ... I practise dearest hearing from yous all too I actually essay to give personal responses to each.
As nosotros expect to 2013, I own got lots of exciting things inward the works.  I simply implemented a novel PRINT THIS RECIPE push clit on too volition hold upward working to own got that characteristic upward too running on all of the past times posts inward the upcoming weeks.  I am notwithstanding continuing the see of featuring a novel spider web log header at the outset of each calendar month to reverberate the vacation or season.  There, also, are some GIVEAWAYS coming upward ... I'll hold upward sharing to a greater extent than on that really soon!  I've been looking inward to having some invitee bloggers, equally well, inward 2013.  And, something I am actually excited most is a novel Kids' Korner characteristic that volition hold upward debuting presently on JD.
I give thank yous you all for your back upward of too I expect frontwards to a fabulous yr ahead alongside you!

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