Broken Drinking Glass Jello

My five-year old was on the snack commission for the Halloween political party at schoolhouse this week.  To ensure that a bunch of kids didn't select inwards the same or similar snacks, nosotros were assigned a specific snack to bring.

I guide hold to acknowledge that I was a piddling disappointed when I read on our newspaper the words "Finger Jello."

I guide hold never been a huge fan of eating Jello.  And, I had alone attempted finger jello i time years agone too it was a flop!

I reluctantly threw roughly boxes of regal too orangish jello inwards the cart at the grocery shop the other 24-hour interval (trying to maintain alongside the Halloween subject too all) ... too figured I would simply brand a "two-colored Halloween layer jello thingy," too then cutting it into piddling cubes afterward it was laid up. 

(Yes, that was what I was calling it inwards my heed ... sounded legit!)

But, I felt similar I was copping out past times non planning to set much crusade into it, hence I started looking online a few days earlier the dreaded "Finger Jello" had to live produced to my daughter's fellow goblins classmates. 

And, looky looky what I came upwards with! 

Aren't they boo!-tiful! (wink!)  Of course, y'all tin forcefulness out arrange the colors/flavors to gibe whatsoever vacation or particular occasion.

I did guide hold to run dorsum to the shop to selection upwards i additional color (green) too I needed roughly unflavored gelatin packets.  But, I am agency super glad that I went this road too didn't simply attain regular jello cubes. 

I volition shout out (before y'all move along full-steam ahead to brand this) that y'all involve two days (no exceptions) for this to plough out correctly.  The starting fourth dimension 24-hour interval is when you'll brand the private flavors/colors of jello inwards piddling containers (I did three).  These volition involve to develop overnight.  The 2nd 24-hour interval is when y'all volition cutting the jello into piddling cubes, house inwards a large dish and pour over the white mixture.  Then, it volition involve to develop roughly other fourth dimension overnight.

Also, delight banking concern annotation that only one cup of H2O per jello packet is called for inwards this recipe ... attain non purpose the 2 cups called for on the jello box!  You involve the jello really firm.  And, using one-half of the H2O amount achieves this!

Now, on to the recipe.  (And, past times the agency ... this recipe is, also, sometimes called "Mosaic Jello.")


four pocket-size boxes of jello (3 oz. each) inwards dissimilar colors (I did 2 orange, i regal too i green)
1 tin forcefulness out sweetened condensed milk
2 envelopes unflavored gelatin


Dissolve each box of jello separately, using simply i loving cup of boiling H2O per 3 oz. pack.

Pour into private containers too permit to cool for nearly fifteen minutes on the counter earlier placing inwards refrigerator to chill too develop overnight.  (Cover alongside a lid or plastic wrap.)

The adjacent 24-hour interval cutting the flavors of jello into pocket-size blocks alongside a small, sudden knife.  Remove from containers (I honor using a prophylactic spatula plant the best for this).

Layer together carefully (to distribute colors evenly) inwards a drinking glass nine × thirteen pan.

(Just pretend that I remembered to guide hold a photograph of the cubes inwards the pan earlier pouring inwards the white mixture!)

In a dissever bowl, dissolve 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin inwards 2 cups really hot water. Let cool a fleck too stir inwards the sweetened condensed milk. Cool to room temperature and pour cooled milk mixture over jello cubes.  Kind of press downward on the cubes to teach every bit many every bit possible nether the white liquid.

Chill overnight.

Cut into desired sizes.  Keep mutual coldness until create to serve.

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