Coney Dogs Inward The Irksome Cooker

Since it was exclusively going to hold upwardly a tranquillity eve at habitation this past times New Year's Eve, I didn't accept to really plan much inwards price of party-type food.  Our thirteen-year quondam missy was going to a friend's for a political party in addition to my ten-year quondam boy was having a friend over for the night.  Other than that, it was merely our five-year old, my hubby in addition to myself.  (Exciting, huh?)

Honestly, I was looking forwards to some fourth dimension amongst my hubby habitation for a pair of days in addition to us non having whatever major commitments or plans.  While hence many people political party it upwardly over the New Year's holiday, it is unremarkably our "down-time" afterwards the prior week's craziness surrounding Christmas.

My boy wanted coney dogs for New Year's Eve spell his buddy was over, hence I broke out the irksome cooker!  We made upwardly a huge batch of homemade french fries in addition to enjoyed some uncomplicated grub spell nosotros prepared to telephone inwards the novel year!

It's almost embarrassing to shipping this "recipe" since it is such a uncomplicated in addition to slow one.  But, it is a non bad tip for those who accept never heard of cooking hot dogs inwards the irksome cooker.  This is a non bad agency to create hot dogs or sausages for a large crowd. They remain hot throughout a political party or upshot every bit people swallow at their leisure.

This is a non bad persuasion if y'all innovation to host a Super Bowl political party this year, too!  Guests tin trickle inwards in addition to out of the kitchen to build a coney or chili domestic dog all throughout the game!


Hot dogs or sausages
Chili or coney sauce (whatever build or recipe y'all prefer)
Hot domestic dog buns
Fixings - ketchup, mustard, chopped onions, shredded cheese, relish


Start the already-cooked coney sauce or chili inwards the irksome cooker on depression most 4 hours earlier y'all innovation to eat.  I position mine inwards a modest heat-safe dish or disposable aluminum pan. 

Drop the hot dogs into the empty percentage of the irksome cooker (no H2O needed) most 3 hours earlier eating.  Adjust the temperature to the high setting.  Hot dogs should hold upwardly rotated to a greater extent than or less halfway through cooking hence that the outer ones touching the irksome cooker don't burn.  The hot dogs or sausages volition instruct prissy in addition to dark-brown inwards spots past times cooking inwards the irksome cooker.

After a few hours, plough irksome cooker to warm during serving.

NOTE:  I accept non tried this method amongst fresh sausage hence I am non certain of the gear upwardly time.  I would mean value that cooking something like, fresh brats for 3 or 4 hours on high inwards the irksome cooker would hold upwardly enough.  But, you'll desire to banking concern agree for doneness in addition to build certain that they are thoroughly cooked through earlier serving.  I've exclusively followed this method amongst hot dogs in addition to smoked sausage.

This method plant best amongst a large, oval irksome cooker compared to the tall, skinny version.

If y'all were serving a really large crowd, this could likely hold upwardly done inwards a large, electrical roasting pan, too!  Just identify a large dish of coney sauce or chili inwards the pan, in addition to then add together your hot dogs or sausages off to the side inwards the pan.

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